Interior Design: Bringing Raw and Natural Elements Into a House
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nature-inspired design


There is something about the raw beauty of natural elements that has homeowners welcome organically inspired furnishings and decor into their interiors.


Whether you’re looking to improve your health or simply want to do something different in your interiors, bringing nature-inspired elements into your living space will help you fill your home with positive, welcoming vibe and design a space that will look timeless and chic.


Here is a list of tips on how you can try out this trend and bring the outdoors in.


For your color scheme, take a cue from nature

Painting your walls is one of the easiest ways to transform your interiors and infuse your space with some natural hues. When deciding on a color scheme for your room, take a cue from nature. Earthy tones such as burnt orange, caramel brown, muted mustard, and warm beige will create a cozy and welcoming vibe, while different shades of green such as fern, juniper, or olive will create a sense of serenity, balance, and harmony.


However, be sure to steer clear from paint that contains VOC. Other than creating non-biodegradable chemical waste, VOC paints cause eye and airway irritation and negatively impact the nervous system. Look for some eco-friendly options to ensure a pleasant, non-toxic living environment.


Include natural materials into your living space

Another way to incorporate nature into your home design is to opt for furnishings and decor items that were made using natural materials. Adding a wooden coffee table in your living room will infuse the space with warmth while placing a jute rug or wool carpet underneath will add to the feeling of comfort.


As for your bedroom, a sheepskin rug and organic cotton throw pillows will make it feel much more comfortable. Another natural material you can incorporate into your living space is concrete. Whether you prefer to use it for flooring, walls, or decor, you can order quick set concrete online and choose from a diverse product range. Incorporating the cement trend will transform your living space and give your interiors a bit of an edge.


nature-inspired design


Add a water feature for a relaxing atmosphere

There is nothing more calming than the soothing sound of trickling water. The murmur of the water will infuse your space with a sense of serenity and tranquility, adding to the natural aesthetic of your interiors. Indoor fountains come in a number of designs, so you can easily find one that will match the style of your room.


You can also add an indoor waterfall to create a pleasant, relaxing ambiance. Indoor water features are an effective tool for improving the air quality since they release negative ions, reduce the pollution and cleanse the air, and they also double as humidifiers, adding to the moisture of the room. And the best part is – they’re low maintenance, requiring cleaning once every six months.


Use sunlight as a natural design element

Light is an essential natural element that can really affect the way our home looks and feels. Even though it is necessary to equip your home with different layers of lighting such as task, ambient, and accent lighting, opening your windows and letting in some natural sunlight is the cheapest and easiest way to bring a bit of nature into your interiors. Since we tend to spend so much time indoors (around 90%), natural lighting is a crucial component in our living spaces. Sunlight helps boost the levels of vitamin D (the so-called “sunshine vitamin”), and it also heats up the living space and brightens it without us using electricity to achieve that, which saves us money.


Spruce up your interiors with lively greenery

Implementing greenery into your design is a sure way to create an interior that looks fresh and lively. An effective decorating tool in interior landscaping, plants can elevate any space and provide a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. Other than spicing up your decor, plants also help clean the air by absorbing pollutants and releasing oxygen, filling our spaces with fresh and clean air. Incorporating some greenery into our interiors can also help reduce stress and anxiety, increase productivity, and lift up our mood. And it doesn’t really matter if you have a green thumb or not – nowadays, you can easily find low-maintenance plants that don’t require too much attention and won’t die on you if your forget to water them for a couple of days.


From plants and fountains to natural materials and sunlight – there are many different natural design elements you can incorporate in order to create a space that is beautiful, practical, and eco-friendly.


Use the tips above to implement this trend in your home and create a natural, warm, and welcoming vibe in your interiors.

Written by Chloe Taylor



About the Author

Chloe is an interior design consultant from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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