Living Room Makeover: Your Private Wellness Resort
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Our living room, or the lounge room, should be a room where you can feel completely safe and relaxed. It should help you leave the problems outside and achieve the balance within you again.


In other words, it should be your own wellness resort - and it takes a couple of steps to create that kind of living room.


The power of colors

There are a couple of colors you can go with if you want a wellness living room. First comes first - white and light shades of grey are perfect if you want to play with the colors of the furniture and decorative items. They are the perfect background for experimenting as they are both neutral and calming.


Another go-to color is blue - its shades are prevalent in nature: the sky, the sea, rivers and lakes. It brings us serenity while looking at them, so you could transfer that feeling into your living room. You don’t have to paint the walls with blue; a couple of furnishing items will add the touch of peaceful nature to the room - light, translucent blue curtains, a blue armchair and a couple of decorative items is all you need.


Green is the color of plants and forests, so no wonder it’s one of the main Zen colors. It soothes our crowded mind but also inspires us when we feel drained.


Also, have in mind that the colors of the walls and the furniture don’t have to blend perfectly. Itʻs the ambiance youʻre striving for. For example, ease a bright warm color with a patterned cool color.


relaxed at home

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Softness beneath your feet

Parquet is always a good choice, and wooden flooring is what also adds to the natural touch. Light hues are very refined - just make sure the floor matches the rest of the room. You may think it gives off a cold impression, but being barefoot on the wooden floor is so earthly. If you prefer carpets, then consider those made of wool or pure cotton. They will make you feel safely tucked in your private space.


Natural scents and plants

A lounge room wonʻt be as relaxing if you neglect using beeswax candles, essential oils or homemade linen sprays. Different scents can relax you while reading in your leaving room before going to bed or they can wake you up while youʻre drinking your first morning coffee.


Plants, in general, have a calming effect on us, especially the green ones. They also provide us with clean oxygen. Bonsai trees and hanging terrariums are often seen in Zen rooms, but you can stick to the usual greenery to decorate the room.


natural scents and plants

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The fabrics around you

When it comes to fabrics on the furnishing, you should follow the same natural and light approach. First of all, the curtains should block the noise from the inside and also be made of linen or bunting wool. Using wool and grasscloth for wallpapers is a new trend in Australia. Australians like to play with visual and sensory texture. Thatʻs why professional home renovation services in Sydney and other Australian cities pay attention to the fabrics used in furnishings.


The light in the room

Forget harsh fluorescent light in your lounge room. Whenever you can, use candle lights or the natural light coming through the windows. Itʻs better to have several light sources around the room than to have one light source on the ceiling, especially if itʻs too strong. You can use floor lamps and desk lamps for different occasions. That way, when youʻre reading a book in your favorite armchair, youʻll only need one lamp next to you, so that you can enjoy the moment completely.


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Remove the clutter

This refers to both having too many decorative items and electrical devices in the room. Ok, you probably think your living room should have a TV but donʻt go further than that. Things like laptops and PCs only distract you and donʻt allow you to relax completely. If itʻs possible, have a specially designed cupboard for the TV so that you can simply hide it from plain sight when you want some peace. If you donʻt see it, you wonʻt use it that often.


The clutter can also be made if you put too many decorative items and photos in the room. Simplicity is the way to go here. Stick to the photos that are dearest to you and to decorative items that fit best in the space. Otherwise, youʻll just create a lot of clutter in the room, and cluttered space also means a cluttered mind.


Final comment

As you can see, your living room can really be your private wellness resort. Every item and every color you choose to place in your room can contribute to you achieving the balance you need after a tiring day.

Guest post by Sarah Jessica Smith


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