Is It Finally Time To Install Your First Solar Panels?

solar power


It is becoming increasingly common to see solar panels on roofs of houses and offices all around the world. Why? Because the great part of our planet is privileged in terms of capturing light and heat from the sun due to the sheer number of sunny days. Since this technology proved to be a cleaner and less costly way to generate electricity, we ask people from all around the world to migrate to a solar power system in their homes. Why? Well, let us take a look at some of the facts that will prove to be valuable information for all who plan to turn their homes into a greener and more energy-efficient place.


solar energy


Go green, Cut Your Electricity Bill and Never Look Back

You have presumably cut your electricity and heating bill already with a proper window replacement inside your household. You are also probably aware of the ecological way of garbage disposal in your neighborhood. But if you didn’t install solar panels yet, then you probably considered installing them on the rooftop of your home. And why wouldn't you, especially when so many household technologies are now environmentally-friendly?


They were primarily designed with energy saving in mind - to report water or gas leaks, failures in electronic systems such as refrigerators. Solutions such as lighting control were designed to program lighting scenarios - turn off lights at dawn and turn on at dusk, or simply, motorize blinds that open in the morning to make the most of sunlight, etc. These are just some of the functionalities of these technologies, which when incorporated into the home, will facilitate savings, not only reducing energy use but also your expenses.


Today, it is possible to install a renewable energy source or cogeneration system in small or medium scale in your home or office and make an interconnection contract with an electricity commission of your country. The procedure to obtain license varies from country to country (It will usually depend on what scale of ecological awareness your country possesses at the moment.)


But, nonetheless, if your home is positioned somewhere where there are more than enough sunny days to generate electricity the greener way, then follow these facts and seriously consider switching to this alternative energy source.


solar energy


All the Advantages Of Solar Energy Consumption

First of all, it is renewable. We will always have solar energy. In only a few billion years, our own sun will turn into a red giant star, expand and engulf the inner planets, possibly even Earth but until then we should all embrace the free energy that this life-giving star is sharing with us. It is estimated that the Earth receives around 120 thousand terawatts of solar radiation. That is about 20 thousand times more energy than the amount of energy that is needed to supply the whole world!


Of course, to this day no way of energy source was more environmentally-friendly than the solar one. Therefore, it is easy to conclude that the sun's energy is the only one that does not cause pollution. Yet, our sun doesn't shine in the same way all around the world. The closer you are to the equator the more sunny days you will have - that is the general rule, right?


Well, even in countries of the northern hemisphere, or even near the poles, it is possible to use solar energy but far less efficient than in previously stated locations. We all want our planet to be a greener and more eco-friendly place, that is for sure, but most us considered switching to this energy source first and foremost because of the lower electricity bill.


So the primary goal here is to reduce electricity costs while making our environment more eco-friendly all together. The great thing about the new solar panel technologies is that all the energy that is created and not consumed is stored in the shared network system – you and all other users connected to the network can spend it later.


That way, all energy that is produced and not spent won't be thrown away. Recently, community solar gardens have become increasingly popular. In this case, people are presented with an opportunity to subscribe to these parks and save electricity. So this is all an amazing and green story that people from every neighborhood need to hear.


How much does it cost to install solar panels? Solar panel manufacturers state that an average solar system including panels and installation can cost anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. Studies reveal that the average home uses about 3,400kWh/y, so a 2.5kWp system would provide little above half the power needed for the average home.


But hold on just for a moment. Despite the initial high cost, homeowners will already be able to substantially cut their energy costs in one year’s time after installation. Keep that in mind next time you try to calculate what would be the cost of electricity for your home in one year and you will see that such transformation can be one of the best things that happened to your home.


Sometime in the near future, it will be internationally recognizable to see neighborhoods stacked with solar panels since that proves to be the only totally green way for energy consumption. But, until then you can improve your home by starting to consume the energy of the sun and make a giant step forward in cutting that electricity bill that no one wants to see.



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