Landscape Design Ideas to Turn Your Yard into a Green Oasis
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Who doesn’t dream of a patch of greenery in their vicinity?! Especially living in the urban concrete jungle often seems pretty claustrophobic. In such case, even a small green landscape is like an oasis in the desert of brick and mortar.


If you have a yard at the front or back of your house, transform it into a gorgeous garden full of lush greenery, meandering vines, pretty pavements, stylish sculptures and much more. Your curb appeal can boost several notches just with a welcoming garden. There are endless opportunities to adorn your garden. It depends on space, budget and skilful design – a design that would create harmony with the neighbourhood, interior and exteriors, yet carve a niche for itself. Who can help you plan such a design? Landscape designers, of course!


Landscape designers take into account your vision, the scope, the budget, the climatic conditions, the maintenance effort you are willing to put in, and much more to create a patch of greenery that would be bespoke and beautiful.


With some creative designs from the providers of the best Landscape Design Service in Perth like Transform Drafting, you can gift your garden a magical touch. If your garden space is Cinderella, they are the Fairy Godmother! They design in the most impressive way, creating mindful designs even in the smallest of spaces, and within the least possible budget - and the results are always mind-blowing!


Whether you have a large space stretching to the horizons, or a compact plot of land, or even a small stretch between the road and your front door - landscape design can create magical natural spaces anywhere.


From creating a plush lawn to picking the perfect plants for your garden, below are listed some amazing landscape design tips that you’ll love to try on your yard, and would simply adore the results!


Grab any available area

Just look out of your window! Do you see a good amount of land ready to be transformed into a beauty? It need not be a perfect rectangle, an oval, or a circle – any stretch of land can metamorphose into a lush and lavish garden - just let your landscape designer weave the magic!


Proper landscaping to set the tones

The colour of your outer walls or your paving stones also impacts your preferred landscape designs. For example, if your house has stone walls, it would complement well with a French type of a garden – with bright colours, gravel paths and calming water-bodies. Whereas, simply painted exteriors in a more contemporary style would provide an awesome backdrop to modern garden designs with symmetrical flower beds, experimental use of materials (like a glass fountain or an acrylic garden bench), and minimalist uncluttered scheme.


Arrange your plant’s size wisely

A garden looks beautiful if it’s arranged nicely. If your gorgeous smaller shrubs are covered by creepers or taller plants, you’ll hardly have a good looking garden. Ensure the design you choose displays all your plants beautifully – a planned arrangement helps in this regard.


landscape design


Colour coordination with the paving

Detailing can create drool-worthy designs! If you want your garden to look amazing from all aspects, ensure you pay attention to colour coordination, too. If your paving stones are of black or grey colour, red, orange and yellow flowers would brighten them up, for lighter ones - like white stones - shades of pastel (pink, purple and yellow) flowers would look serene and super!


Seasons are vital for the garden

When you are choosing flowering plants for your garden, ensure these are the ones that bloom throughout the year or at least during most part of it. Large areas without colourful flowers or green plants would appear empty and depressing!


Flowers, creepers or vegetables?

Different people dream of a different type of garden. Some like only flowers with various colours highlighting the area, while some love planting vegetation and creating a kitchen garden. And there are some who love to have their gates, windows and doors lined with creepers. Don’t forget to specify your preference to your landscape designer!


Tables and chairs and kids’ area

What is the use of a lovely landscaping if you can’t sit and stare? Design a sitting area that can double up as an outdoor entertainment area when the weather is conducive. If you have space in your yard and have tots in your family, a kids’ play zone would make them feel happy and included.


Ornaments as fences

A beautiful garden with traditional fences is fine. But you can do better! Hedges and shrubs trimmed creatively can create a lovely boundary around your yard.


A perfectly designed landscaping can actually transform your plain outdoors into a really glamorous space. So, don’t delay to add this astounding feature to your home.



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