Long-Lasting Beauty: Exploring the Benefits of Permanent Eyebrow Makeup
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For centuries, if not more, ladies have been searching for ways to look beautiful forever! Even though that notion might sound too far-fetched, the reality is quite the opposite. Nowadays, in a technologically driven world, there are a plethora of cosmetic advancements related to permanent makeup, and a cast area is focused merely on the eyebrows. Our eyebrows are what make our facial contours look exquisite and without having them we would look bad, even weird. Hence, permanent eyebrows help people who have scarce brow hair contemplate their look and make them look stunning. 

The benefits of permanent eyebrows are endless for that matter, and here are some effective treatments that fit your style and outlook.


This flabbergasting permanent eyebrow makeup option is great for those who have relatively oily skin or for anyone who has problems with extensive sweating. That being said, micro shading is ideal for people with sensitive skin. In contrast to other eyebrow techniques, for micro shading, the artist needs to continually use pin-point dots to meticulously create hair strokes instead of the artists creating individual small hair strokes. With this technique, the pigments tend to adhere better to oilier and sensitive skin. Users who opt for this permanent eyebrow makeup option choose a natural and gentler look that doesn't take away the natural beauty of their eyes and face. By and large, micro shading is a perfect solution for anyone who strives to have lighter brows.


Another exquisite and modern permanent makeup tattoo that has been gaining even greater popularity across the globe is microblading. Specific tattooing technique in microblading involves creating tiny meticulously thin hair-like shape onto your existing brows. What you get is a fuller and softer look with the help of a specific blade-shaped tool. This semi-permanent procedure ought to be repeated depending on the intensity and fullness you wish to achieve with your brows. Experts at Blossom Brows state that it is essential to keep up with revolutionary shaping techniques and respect their clients' demands at all times. Some of the most renowned celebrities such as Rihanna and Adele have undergone microblading, so it's no wonder that this tends to be the most high-demand permanent eyebrow makeup.

Ombre brows

This semi-permanent eyebrow makeup option is one of the most asked-for due to its versatility. The entire treatment lasts about three hours, but the brows then last up to three years. This painless treatment comprises of a technique that creates diligent shading from light to dark throughout the brow. Ombre brows tend to be customized and they can be fuller or thinner. What's more, those who prefer black or lighter brows that are perfectly saturated at the same time should resort to this technique. And the best thing of all is that they could look a bit translucent but make the brows more elegant and defined. The ombre effect helps create marvelously manicured brows that contemplate boldness and edge in a lady.

Combo brows

Just as it sounds, "combo" brows are a combination of various brow tattooing techniques, mainly shading, powder brows, and microblading. For those who prefer a more defined and sophisticated look, this technique is for you. What differentiates combo brows from all other techniques is the 3D brow effect look which is ideal for those people who have sparse air and seek fuller apparel. By combining two or three brow treatments you will get denser brows that equally look natural and appealing. Another splendid advantage is people with different skin types could undergo this technique and look extravagant.

Eyebrow feathering

Among all previously mentioned permanent eyebrow makeup techniques, feathered brows are the most timid, delicate, and unique. With feather brows, some gentle hair strokes are even placed a bit outside of the strict arch outline in order to get the desired fluffy look. Unlike other techniques, with eyebrow feathering artists are able to leave a stray hair here and there so he could give a fuller look. Moreover, some strokes tend to be made longer so they would appear to be more like clusters instead of resembling individual hair. All of these things combined can camouflage any bald patches just as effectively as any other previously mentioned permanent technique. However, if a client wishes to have thinner and less bold brows, this is the option for them.

Nano brows

Also referred to as powder brows, this dazzling cosmetic treatment includes tattooing existing brows merely to get greater volume and definition. The procedure is done by adding fine delicate hair strokes between the existing or natural hairs. Unlike other techniques, nano brows are recommended for any person who wishes to recreate finer arches onto natural brows and make the strokes indistinguishable from the hair. Clients tend to resort to this brow tattoo is the results stay visible for up to 2 years and then start to fade slowly away without any complications. 

Looking exquisite and achieving ever-lasting beauty has never been so easy. Explore all the benefits of permanent eyebrow makeup today and let people turn their heads towards you.

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