Meet Esperity, The World’s First Social Media Network for Cancer Patients and Survivors
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Brussels-based startup Esperity is the world’s first multilingual social media network that connects cancer patients, cancer survivors and caregivers from around the globe.


Esperity is the world’s first social media network dedicated to cancer patients, cancer survivors and caregivers. Esperity was launched in Brussels in September 2012.


Prior to starting the platform, Esperity CEO Mitchell Silva was involved in academic career – he coordinated international projects for such institutions as the European Space Agency, developed technology and algorithm for health and condition monitoring of living organisms, wrote several publications  and co-invented several patents. Erard le Beau de Hemricourt, CMO and co-founder at Esperity, worked as a medical professional in the field of cancer and wrote articles for medical blogs and online newspapers about the evolution and future of medicine.


The idea of creating Esperity resulted from their common passion for advances in medical tech and solutions that allowed to monitor the health of cancer patients and empower them. They decided to create a platform that would help cancer patients connect with each other, learn from those who have survived cancer and get informed about new treatment options.


As Mitchell Silva said, “Cancer patients often have limited time with medical specialists and can feel isolated. Esperity provides patients with a way to help themselves and potentially improve quality of life.”


After joining Esperity, cancer patients are able to monitor symptoms, follow the disease’s progression, manage medication and find out about the side effects of drug interactions. Patients also receive alerts that remind them to take medication at right time of the day. On Esperity, cancer patients are able to find and connect to people who have the same type or subtype of cancer.


Esperity co-founder Erard le Beau de Hemricourt said, ”Our aim at Esperity is to improve cancer patients quality of life: on the short term, via patient empowerment; on the long term, via the analysis of the relationship between lifestyle and treatment outcome. This could lead to a better understanding of the disease which affects up to 40% of men and 30% of women.”


The platform enables patients to observe how their treatments and lifestyle choices affect their overall health, and provides a tool to manage their daily health parameters. This helps patients to assess the effectiveness of treatment and improves their understanding of the link between lifestyle and treatment outcome.


On Esperity, users are able to choose whether to keep their medical data private or share information with others in the community. Esperity employs state of the art encryption techniques to ensure that user data is safe and can’t be accessed by third parties. In addition, Esperity allows cancer patients to search for open clinical trials within their area and get informed about new treatment options.


Solution provided by Esperity has been tested and verified by Stanford University, John Hopkins University, the Bourdet Institute in Brussels and other experts.


Esperity has already received several awards including second prize at the Microsoft European BizSpark Summit in London in June 2012, the Caring Entrepreneurship Fund’s Best Healthcare Related Startup prize in 2013.


Currently, Esperity supports over 30 languages and its community consists of over 6000 members from around the globe.


To learn more about the platform, visit Esperity website.


By Natalie Myhalnytska



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