Meet Jaimie Jacobs, a Munich-based Startup That Offers Customized Shoes
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A Munich-based fashion brand Jaimie Jacobs allows women and men design their own custom made shoes online. Read the article to learn more about Jaimie Jacobs!


If let’s say a decade ago someone told you that you could design your perfect shoes with unique style and form and professional shoemaker would create them for you, would you believe it?  A Munich-based fashion brand Jaimie Jacobs that offers customized shoes for women and men can help you turn your dream of having unique shoes for any occassion that perfectly fit your feet into a reality.


Jaimie Jacobs’ history in a nutshell

Prior to starting fashion brand Jaimie Jacobs, German shoemaker ran her own business selling customized shoes offline. She has been making shoes for about 20 years honing her skills and gaining solid expertise. The idea to offer customers an opportunity to design their perfect shoes online occurred several years ago. As a result, Jaimie  Jacobs was born.


Jaimie Jacobs was launched online in December 2013. Back then, fashion brand offered only 3 shoe models and they were designed solely for women. Since that time Jaimie Jacobs introduced not only new shoe models for women, but also a product line for men.


Here are a few examples of the basic models available now.



Jaimie Jacobs: The essentials

Jaimie Jacobs offers a 3D designer to design your own perfect shoes. All you have to do is to choose the form you like, colors, materials, heels and decorations.


3D Designer for Women



3D Designer for Men



To determine the right size of your perfect shoes, Jaimie Jacobs created a how-to manual. In addition, Jaimie Jacobs offers table of UK, EU, US sizes for both men and women.


With Jaimie Jacobs you can design shoes for any occasion. You can even design traditional Bavarian shoes.


Jaimie Jacobs ships worldwide and delivery is free.


Jaimie Jacobs’ special sauce

Jaimie Jacobs allows to design shoes for wide, narrow and normal feet. It also offers an opportunity to design shoes with different sizes for right and left foot.


Quality plays a central role in the process of creating Jaimie Jacobs  shoes.  When it comes to choosing materials for the shoes, sustainability is at the heart of every decision. Usually, Jaimie Jacobs buys leathers from France and Italy.


Jaimie Jacobs demonstrates its strong commitment to sustainability by refusing to use the real skin of fish, snake or crocodile – animals that belong to the category of threatened species or those that are killed only because of their skin.


Jaimie Jacobs makes all its shoes solely in-house and pays a special attention to all the details during production process to ensure a high wearing comfort of its shoes and their exceptional quality.


With Jaimie Jacobs you can design exclusive and stylish shoes while being able to express your unique taste and individuality.


For more details, visit Jaimie Jacobs website.



by Natalie Myhalnytska



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