Meet miniSchoggi, a Swiss Company That Offers Individual Chocolates
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Many people say that if you want to taste one of the best chocolates and pralines in the world you have to travel to Switzerland. Undoubtedly, Swiss chocolate is one of the finest, mostly because of a high quality of milk and cocoa that are used in production process, mastery of chocolatiers and a special attention to every detail.


What if you live far away from Switzerland, but wish to delight yourself, family or friends with individual chocolate bars or praline made of exquisite Swiss chocolate? A Zurich-based company miniSchoggi came up with a great solution.


miniSchoggi offers individual chocolates and pralines, chocolate cubes and semi-finished chocolate products. miniSchoggi allows you to create your own pralines online with desired ingredients and packaging and the company will take care of production and delivery right to your door wherever you are.



How miniSchoggi got started

miniSchoggi was founded by Rebecca Odermatt and Thomas Ramseier in February 2014.


Rebecca and Thomas discovered their passion for chocolate long before they started their company.


While doing her apprenticeship at Klaus Confiserie, located in one of the cantons of Zurich, Rebecca had a chance to learn chocolate production wizardry from the patron himself.


Rebecca also helped Lindt & Spr√ľngli with the construction of its new Maitre Station in Sydney, where Master Chocolatiers make the chocolate creations while customers are watching, and development of chocolate creations for Australian market.  


Thomas Ramseier did his apprenticeship as food technologist at Lindt in Kilchberg, Switzerland. After that, within the period of 4 years Thomas did a tour as Maitre Chocolatier visiting many events and fairs.


The idea of creating miniSchoggi occurred when Rebecca and  Thomas handed out pralines as Christmas gifts to all their relatives and acquaintances. Even people who usually weren’t excited about chocolate expressed such a positive reaction that Rebecca and Thomas took it as a sign – they had to start business in praline sector. What’s more, they undertook a challenge to create pralines of the highest quality possible. As a result, miniSchoggi was born.


Currently, Rebecca is responsible for production at miniSchoggi, while Thomas’ circle of responsibility revolves around running online shop, administration of the technical aspects of the company and quality.


miniSchoggi: The essentials

On miniSchoggi, customers are able to create their own individual chocolate cubes. Customers can choose among different packagings – 6 pieces, 9 pieces and 12 pieces – and over 10 bar types.


Customers can also create package with various Truffles and chocolate bars by choosing among predefined creations and combining single pieces.


Do you wish to delight your loved ones with individual chocolate hearts with personalized text? miniSchoggi makes it possible. All you have to do is to choose the desired heart and submit your text which will be placed on heart by miniSchoggi producer.


If you wish to thank your business partner or colleague in a special way, you can order praline with a unique flavor and form and even your company’s logo imprinted.


Besides this, if you are a chocolate enthusiast and want to delight you family or friends with your own creations, miniSchoggi gives you an opportunity to buy semi-finished products and working materials – the best Swiss coating, hollow figurines and other professional ingredients and materials.

miniSchoggi’s special sauce

All miniSchoggi products are produced right before delivery, because of their short shelf life which comprises 30 days for pralines and up to 3 months for chocolate bars.


For its products, miniSchoggi processes chocolate from premium  brands – Lindt, L√§derach and Felchlin – which guarantee exceptional quality.


The company doesn’t use any machines in the production process – all miniSchoggi pralines and bars are handcrafted.


miniSchoggi carefully selects ingredients for its pralines. Among the two most important selection criteria are freshness and the highest quality. Besides this, the company never adds cheap industrial alcohol into its products. But, as miniSchoggi founders state, “The best ingredients alone don’t make the perfect praline, but rather the combination of love and passion for the extraordinary.”

For each praline the dosage of ingredients is being chosen with a high accuracy since even the slightest deviation may affect the flavor of praline.


miniSchoggi doesn’t focus on mass production. The company creates its products for people who prefer quality and individuality.


Other interesting facts

  • miniSchoggi ships its products worldwide
  • Besides selling custom made pralines and chocolate bars, miniSchoggi offers chocolate courses (private and group) during which you can learn how to create chocolate bars, pralines, truffles, hollow figurines and chocolate cakes on your own.


Check out miniSchoggi website.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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