This German Startup Creates Smart Devices That Allow to Grow Organic Greens Indoors
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Agrilution, a vertical farming startup based in Munich, has developed a fully automated device plantCube that grows highly nutritious greens indoors.

Its Controlled Environment Agriculture Technology allows to grow and harvest herbs, salad, berries all year round. The device offers optimized cultivation conditions, allowing to grow greens without pesticides and use up to 60% less fertilizer compared with traditional outdoor agriculture. plantCube’s precisely adjusted water cycle allows to consume up to 98% less water. In addition, growing greens at home eliminates the need to transport them around the world and helps to reduce carbon footprint.


Dimensions of plantCube (60cm x 60cm x 90cm) allow users to place it anywhere in the home. Users are able to monitor plantCube using application for desktop or mobile.


CEO and founder of agrilution Maximilian Loessl got an inspiration for his venture when he was reading a book The Vertical Farm by Dr. Dickson Despommier. After having a conversation with the author, Max moved from Munich to the Netherlands to study at HAS University and learn more about this technology.


The mission of agrilution is to “provide people with sustainably grown fresh, tasty and healthy greens.” Having started with plantCube that can be used in people’s homes, agrilution is also working on creating vertical farming solutions for restaurants and supermarkets.


“By eliminating unnecessary transportation and non-transparency in food production we re-establish the trust in food so many people are looking for,” says agrilution team.


Visit agrilution website for more details.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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