Must-Visit Places in Singapore
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Why is Singapore one of the hit tourist destinations? Is it because of the fact that it’s the only city-state in the world, the home of the world’s largest financial center, or one of the best cities for expats to live in? Be that as it may, more and more people book their plane tickets and accommodation in this spectacular city. But what are the things that Singapore has to offer, and why are they so special? Take a look at the must-visit places in Singapore, and write them down as you will definitely want to see them if you ever get the chance (and you should definitely work on that) to visit this city.


See the remains of rural Singapore

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Singapore hasn’t always been the financial district that it’s today, and it seems that all of us have forgotten about all its surrounding islets (over 60 of them). If you want the taste of the authentic and rural, then you should head to an island off north-eastern Singapore, called Pulau Ubin, which is believed to be the last surviving rural island of modern Singapore. It’s an amazing throwback to the 1960s’ Singapore, and a must-see for all of the enthusiasts of the authentic and rural. This place is surrounded by nature, so you can only imagine what kind of photographs you will be able to take here. If you are lucky enough, you might even encounter hornbills and wild boars.


Take a walk through the Singapore Zoo


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The Singapore Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the world, and not to mention the best and the biggest one in this region. What is very special about the zoo, apart from its size, is the fact that it’s home to some of the most amazing animals – it homes the largest captive colony of orangutans, but you will also be able to see rare animals such as white tigers, mandrills and even a polar bear. There’s also the option of a nocturnal tour of the zoo known as the Night Safari.


Go for a shopping spree in Orchard Road


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In the breaks of visiting all the beautiful places Singapore has to offer, it would be a great idea to opt for a little shopping spree. Singapore is a shopping heaven, and it’s home to the famous Orchard Road. This is a road filled with big boutiques and stores, so practically you will be able to spend the whole day here if you wanted to. In order to make this very user-friendly, you can opt for some of the best hotel rooms that are in close proximity to the Orchard Road, as it’s always good to have a hotel close to a shopping mall. Here you will be able to find whatever you want, from high-end stores to the ones that are quite affordable.


Relax by walking through the Botanical Gardens


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Visiting Singapore cannot be complete without visiting the country’s first UNESCO Heritage Site, the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This site was established in 1859 and has since been the home of over 60,000 plants. You will also be able to find Swan Lake, which is an actual lake, which is great for bird watching. Apart from that, this garden also regularly holds different concerts, exhibitions and walking tours.


Seeing the panorama from the Marina Bay


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And finally, is there a better way to finish your Singapore trip than enjoying a panoramic view that captures the whole essence of the city? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely go to Marina Bay. It’s a great place that overlooks the whole city, but you can also find a plethora of things to do here, such as taking different photographs, lounging on the grass or sipping coffee.


You might not be Lady Gaga, but you will definitely have a million reasons to visit Singapore. These are just the 5 must-visit spots, but there are so many more you can try in this spectacular place. So, have fun and enjoy every step of the way.

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