The 7 Most Beautiful Green Nooks in Sydney
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There is no trouble in finding a green nook in Sydney since it is one of the cities with the highest percentage of public green spaces in the world, right after Moscow and Singapore. City residents are very outdoor-loving people, and once you arrive in Sydney - you'll understand why. Thousands of acres covered with verdant ground and lush vegetation combined with fabulous urban aesthetics and high-end culture make this city one of the most extraordinary places in the world. Narrowing down the long list of fabulous and enchanting green locations in Sydney is quite an ungrateful task, but here is our pick of must-see locations.


green Sydney

Chinese Garden of Friendship

It is a captivating garden in Darling Harbour located next to Chinatown, where you will probably have a hard time realizing that you are still in Sydney. A serene pocket of nature modeled and built after the gardens of Ming Dynasty symbolizes the bond between Australia and China and is truly representative of Chinese culture and heritage. Take a walk through pavilions, discover hidden pathways and calm your mind in this peaceful and secluded piece of heaven. Enjoy looking at placid lakes, exotic plants, and beautiful waterfalls.


green Sydney

The Royal Botanic Garden

Located in the heart of urban Central Business District, The Royal Botanic Garden is one of the top-rated tourist attractions in Sydney. It is one of the most beautiful historic botanical institutions that stand as a magical oasis since 1816. Set in Sydney Harbour with a magnificent view of the Sydney Opera House, this is one of the most scenic spots in the city. Ancient trees, ornamental plants and beautiful mixture of native and exotic plants are just a few of many astonishing features in the garden.


green Sydney

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

A stunning combination of antique and modern look, also an award-winning venue for urban design, Paddington reservoir gardens are a true embodiment of sustainability. The site was originally a reservoir that supplied water until 1899, and it opened in 2009 for a completely different purpose. Nowadays, it is one of the most visited spots in Sydney, set in two levels with pools, lawns, and chambers where you can rest and enjoy the perfect blend of nature, brick arches, and street art. Late afternoon brings a wonderful atmosphere as sunrays create a perfect setting for a unique photo shoot.


green Sydney

Centennial Park

Also known as ‘The People's Park, this place is ideal for long walks or a picnic. There is a lot to see and do - from bird watching to horse riding and cycling. Beautiful gardens, playgrounds, wildlife, and ponds so close to the city can turn any regular day into a wonderful and relaxing experience, especially after hard days of work. It is a welcoming, vast and clean green space, ideal for a family picnic. Bring your rugs and fill your baskets with snacks. Don’t forget to bring a few outdoor activities for the kids and know that dogs are also welcome as long as they remain on the leash.


green Sydney

Wendy's Secret Garden

A hidden gem and a delightful site that rose from unused railway land filled with rubbish. It is a project of a grieving artist who found a way to turn sorrow into a work of art where beauty and nature go hand in hand. Whether it is a short visit to Sydney or you plan to find long term accommodation on North Shore, pay a visit to this enchanted garden and enjoy its healing and tranquil atmosphere. You will find a variety of trees and plants, statues and artifacts, and numerous spots to sit, relax and contemplate.


green Sydney

Prince Alfred Park

Located next to central railway stations, this is another award-winning site, and it is one of the highly commended urban landscapes in the world, according to results of the World Architecture Festival in 2013. A large and gorgeous park includes an outdoor heated swimming pool, landscape areas, playgrounds as well as basketball and tennis courts. Also, there are fitness stations along the park, plenty of barbecue areas, green spaces and benches. It is one of the most sustainable parks with energy efficient features like solar lighting and water saving mechanisms.


green Sydney

Hyde Park

The oldest park in the city offers you a great place to get away from the heat and to enjoy walking on three shaded pathways. Features like meticulously landscaped green space, abundant flora and plenty of benches to sit and relax, attract both tourist and locals to this charming, inner-city pocket of nature. Also, Hyde Park is a spot where many seasonal events take place, so it is a great place to mingle as well as to relax.



There is no shortage of green spaces and amazing spots in Sydney, and the best part is that it will only get better with time. Considering the Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan, this fabulous destination will become easier to get around, more global and greener city.

Guest post by Nina Simons


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