Rules For Eco-Friendly Travelers On Long-Term Trips
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Traveling itself is not an eco-friendly activity because of emissions from planes that we usually use for overcoming huge distances and transport that we use to travel inside the country. However, traveling is a great way to enrich our lives with vibrant colors and unusual experiences. Obviously, we should not refuse from eco-friendly vacations as it is a perfect way to dilute our boring daily routine. Here is a list of tips to make your eco-friendly travel a reality.

Buy Locally

Only some of us actually thought about what a long way food and other goods have to travel to be on the shelves of the supermarket. For some people, supermarkets are a place of comfort in a country full of foreign customs. What is more, they provide cheaper food than you would find in the nearest cafe or restaurant. They also tempt potential customers with a flexible system of discounts. 

By buying products in the supermarkets you are not making your bid to the reduction of gases released by transport. Local food is more nutrient-dense and is produced more ethically. What is more, it would mean your support of local farm businesses even if it is just a small family. 

Use Eco-Friendly Airlines

Yes, they exist. Planes and airports are huge contributors to global warming. Thus, some airlines are trying to maximize fuel efficiency and reduce fuel wastage by using alternative fuels such as biofuel. They can reduce waste by more than 30%. They can also offer recycling and composting programs right on the planes. By the way, World Nomads do care about your eco-friendly tourism and are always there to assist with travel insurance.

Reduce Energy Expenditure 

If you came to another country to live temporarily, it does not mean that you do not need to care about its ecology. We are all inhabitants of the same planet and boundaries should not separate us. Turn off the lights and other electronics when you are out. Don’t ask to change your towel if you have used it only once. Unfortunately, we are less aware of our waste production on vacation - think about it as well. Do not use plastic tableware but keep a set with you. Do not buy more food (even from locals) than you can eat - food waste is one of the most pressing ecology issues nowadays. 

Choose Green Hotels

When making a decision to live in a green hotel, you do not need to worry about your actions seeming miserable in comparison to all the waste products of other lodgers. You can be in charge of the entire hotel and force it to become more eco-friendly. However, you can choose to support businesses that are on the same wavelength with you and are making a contribution to saving our Earth. You can also use Airbnb, a service that offers travelers to make contact with house and apartment owners and rent housing for a period of time. This way you are the only one to be responsible for your waste.

Pack Meals For a Flight

The airline does not usually offer the most delicious food so there is a variant to premake it at home. Salad or oatmeal in a mason jar is not a massive sacrifice to make.

Use Your Feet or Bicycle

By using these means of transportation you will not only keep money, burn some calories but also positively impact your carbon dioxide footprint. In addition, by observing the city with your own eyes, not through the window of a private car or taxi, you can appreciate it even more. 

Stock Up With Reusable Items

Don't reuse things you already bought at your destination. Bring reusable things from home:

Bring reusable cutlery and straw 

When we travel we tend to eat out more and often do not realize how much more garbage we are producing. Cut on disposable plastic cutlery and become the person who is not ashamed to ask to not give you a straw or plastic fork.


Use a water bottle 

Substituting a habit of buying water bottles with filling a stainless bottle can save not only the planet but also your wallet. A lot of developed countries have vending machines with water installed just on the streets. Even if the country you are traveling to does not have such an amenity, then feel free to fill the bottle in your hotel. 


Make a change in your hygiene by introducing new products:

  • natural soap bars (instead of liquid soap in a bottle, which can be often found at the hotels);
  • cotton travel towels (which are soft, pleasant to touch, compact and eco-friendly);
  • natural sun lotion;
  • bamboo toothbrush;
  • safety razor (you can produce a lot less trash with them as the only thing you need to care about is changing the stainless blades).


Use cloth bags 

Cloth bags can be used for everything: from grocery shopping to caring your stuff to the beach. You can also use small cloth bags to pack vegetables, nuts, and grains at the supermarket to not use those thin disposable bags. Even after they got stained you can wash them and use over and over again.


Buy second-hand clothes in that country 

The second hand is different in every country. So there is a good chance to catch something precious. For example, pants made of bamboo cloth. By the way, buying good second-hand clothing is also a very good way to contribute to the planet’s salvation - the fashion is the second (after gas and oil) most polluting industry. 


In fact, these tips are very easy - and even intuitive. Just think about each of your actions from the eco-friendly point of view. Traveling to another country, you should be even more responsible for each of your actions - you are the guest so you should leave everything in the same conditions as it was before you. 

Written by Gregory V. Chapman


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Gregory is passionate about researching new technologies in both mobile, web and WordPress. Also, he works on  Best Writers Online , the best writing services reviews. Gregory is in love with stories and facts, so he always tries to get the best of both worlds.



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