Solar Shingles - An Innovative Solution for Renewable Energy
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Solar panels have become the face of renewable energy. With lowered costs, they are easily accessible to homeowners and businesses alike, pushing the sustainability movement forward. An even easier option for those interested in going green is solar roof shingles. These new home innovations combine traditional roofing with solar power to create a more sleek look.


Solar shingles are more expensive than traditional solar panels, but they provide a sleeker look that is appealing to many homeowners. In addition, they are eligible for the same incentives and rebates offered to standard solar installations. These include federal tax credits, state energy rebates, and homeowner insurance reductions. Additionally, some companies offer financing options to help offset initial costs.

One of the major concerns of those considering solar shingles is that they cannot be removed easily, especially if they move to a new home or if their roof needs to be replaced. In these cases, it may be better to opt for solar panels instead.

Energy Efficiency

Solar shingles offer a sleek design that conceals the solar array. They can cover a new roof or retrofit onto existing ones. They are ideal for homeowners who want to go solar but want to replace only some of their roofs. They can also be used to cover roof repairs without affecting the appearance of the entire roof. They are similar to solar panels because they are power converters to turn sunlight into electricity. However, they differ in that a solar panel is just one roofing system component, while a shingle is an entire roof system.


Solar shingles look and function like traditional roof shingles but also generate energy. They use photovoltaic cells to capture the sun's rays, then convert that energy into household electricity using a balance system. Unlike solar panels, typically installed on top of an existing roof, solar shingles are embedded during construction and replace traditional asphalt or slate shingles. This makes them a more attractive alternative to solar panels and may help homeowners avoid installing mounting hardware.

Because they blend in with a home's structure, solar shingles might be easier for homeowners to get approved by their homeowner's association, making them a great option for new construction or those who want to avoid the hassle of rooftop installation. Additionally, they offer a sleeker appearance that can add to a home's value. Besides, they're usually less expensive than solar panels. 


While solar shingles have become more common, they are still a relatively new technology. This means that homeowners will most likely need to build or repair their roofs before implementing this solution, and it can be more expensive than just installing solar panels alone. The shingles are typically made from copper indium gallium selenide, which is a flexible semiconductor that can be used to produce electricity. This is a significant improvement over silicon panels, which are thicker and bulkier.


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