Sustainability, Healthcare & Biotech: 27 Startups From Belgium to Watch in 2016


Belgium, the founding member of the European Union, has been able to maintain the status of a global leader of pharmaceuticals industry for decades. Nonetheless, the list of key sectors of Belgian economy also includes biotech, healthcare and green technology. Among the most important factors that support innovation in these sectors are: high quality of education, availability of world-class scientific institutes and research centres, qualified workforce, investments in R&D and tax incentives for R&D ventures, the country’s strong focus on sustainable development. In recent years, the number of startups (many of which begin as university research projects) active in these sectors has also increased.


Here is Magazine MN’s pick of 27 Belgian startups that operate and create innovations in such fields as sustainability, healthcare and biotechnology.



There are many issues that thwart the development of agriculture all over the globe. Among them is the impact of climate change. Fyteko, which was founded in 2014, develops and produces advanced plant biostimulants. Fyteko’s mission is to help maintain the crop biodiversity, find new sustainable solutions to guarantee and increase yields and, in the meantime, reduce the impact of plant treatments on the environment and health.



Sweetbee has created apps that let people with diabetes keep track of their meals and count carbs. Sweetbee helps diabetics manage insuline treatment and get knowledge on all food products. Sweetbee also offers information packages which include information about diabetes, a Diabetes Handbook, a unique food atlas, government information, diabetes products, discount vouchers for standard products.



Andaman7 is a free application designed to improve communication between doctors and patients. The application improves the storage of medical information and facilitates access and sharing, while preserving confidentiality. With Andaman7, patients stay informed and are able to participate in their own healing and manage their own medical record. Andaman7 lets doctors manage all patient records. Physicians are also able to communicate with other specialists such as general doctors,  physiotherapists, nurses and even hospitals.



Celyad’s main focus is on the identification and development of specialized cell based therapies. Company utilizes results from breakthrough cell-based research to develop innovative treatments that address diseases with high unmet medical needs such as heart failure and cancer.



LindaCare revolutionizes chronic heart disease tele-monitoring. LindaCare lets healthcare professionals and hospitals keep close track of their patients’ health by providing a single integrated and unified vendor independent software platform.



Memorify offers a platform that connects volunteer and professional caregivers to dementia patients. Memorify enables exchange of information and helps improve communication between all participants: patients, caregivers and even family members who can also use the platform to help relatives with dementia.



Being a smart and mobile health communication platform, Pridiktiv aims to bring back human approach to healthcare. Pridiktiv collects data from connected healthcare devices and creates customized reporting and analytics that healthcare professionals can access in one system.



Yagram Health is a mobile health company that helps people to prevent a Lyme disease, an infectious disease caused by Borrelia bacteria. Its app serves as a communication channel for patients and their care providers. Yagram also offers a Borrelia tick test which helps to make an early diagnosis and confirm the presence of the Borrelia bacterium in the tick. The app shows steps how to test the tick and explains  the test results and their implications. The app locates the closest medical centres in your area, so that you can visit a doctor to receive a treatment and further recommendations.



2-Observe develops innovative solutions that allow to detect the deterioration of patient’s health status in a proactive, reliable and contactless way and enable caregivers to timely intervene in case of unexpected complications. 2-Observe has created LOm, the Life Observer mobile, an innovative device for high-risk patients continuous supervision. LOm informs caregivers in time of respiratory failures of patients and lets them provide immediate treatment, thereby reducing the risk of unexpected deaths.



Ablynx aims to create innovative medicines which will make a real difference to society. Ablynx leverages its unique Nanobody technology to develop therapeutics in areas of high unmet medical need where Nanobodies offer a significant advantage over existing products and technologies.


Bone Therapeutics

Biotech company Bone Therapeutics is creating a unique approach to the development of cell therapy products for bone fracture repair and fracture prevention that will offer many advantages over traditional standard of the care that often involves heavy surgery and long recovery periods.



Complix is developing Alphabodies™, game changing  protein therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.



UgenTec  has developed a FastFinder platform used by laboratories for automating PCR based DNA analysis. Currently, FastFinder is being used successfully by several medical diagnostic laboratories in Benelux, Germany and France.



Diploid is a software platform that aims to revolutionize healthcare by bringing genome diagnostics into daily clinical practice. Diploid provides clinical exome and whole genome interpretation services. Diploid’s world-class rare disease diagnostics is used by clinical labs and hospitals.



Univercells aims to reinvent biomanufacturing and make an impact on the way biologics will be manufactured all around the globe. Univercells acts as a global partner for developing biomanufacturing/biosimilar solution, going from the process design, to the selection of the best technologies (USP, DSP, filing technologies, etc), to the design of the clinical plan, the process development, the technology transfer, the facility construction or the training of the staff.



Artialis aims to develop personalized solutions based on specific and innovative biomarkers for the diagnosis, the prognosis and the follow-up of musculoskeletal disorders. Artialis offers  biomarkers-based breakthrough solutions to address unmet medical needs in musculoskeletal disorders.


Confo Therapeutics

Confo Therapeutics is a drug discovery company building internal drug discovery programs on GPCRs addressing unmet medical need. 



icometrix aims to improve personalized care of people with a neurological disorder by providing clinicians with standardized measurements on their patients’ brain MRI scans. icometrix also acts as an image analysis expert in clinical trials and research studies.


InSilico DB

InSilico DB contains the largest available collection of curated, ready-to-analyze genomics datasets from the public domain. InSilico DB aims to the worldwide genomic hub providing biologists with central, transparent access to sequencers, analysis tools, genome repositories, and collaboration.



iTeos combines unparalleled expertise in tumor immunology, cancer immunotherapy and drug discovery. It has built a discovery platform to identify therapeutics targeting the immune tumor micro-environment to optimize cancer immunotherapy.



Novosanis creates medical devices for a variety of applications, ranging from injection appliances to in vitro diagnostic accessories. Novosanis aims to improve quality of life and healthcare by making health and care accessible, acceptable and affordable for everyone.



Ontoforce creates and implements pioneering technology for information flow and management. Ontoforce aims to make data search faster, smarter and more efficient.



ThromboGenics is  focused on developing and commercializing innovative ophthalmic and oncology medicines.



ViroVet is focusing on the discovery and development of innovative virus control solutions for livestock that can be used together, alone or in combination with existing vaccines and biosecurity.



REstore, the leading energy technology company with a focus on automated Demand Response, created a platform Flexpond which is used by more than 100 of Europe’s largest industrial energy consumers, and a series of utility clients. Automated Demand Response stimulates the efficient use of energy by allowing energy suppliers & transmission grid operators to look to energy users to relieve the energy market and the grid of excess demand at critical times.


You Know Watt

You Know Watt offers virtual sub-metering technology that provides a highly detailed insight in energy consumption patterns and in electrical appliance behaviour. You Know Watt can be used in residential, commercial and industrial environments.



SUMY offers solutions in Sustainable Urban Logistics & Mobility area: temperature-controlled & intelligent transport solutions, Express 24hours delivery services, tailor made logistics & transport solutions for the food and pharma industry sectors, intelligent warehousing solution for your supply chain.


by Natalie Myhalnytska



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