The Adventure of Moving Home
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Moving home

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Moving can be exciting, but also stressful. You have likely lived in the house you're moving out of for several years. Throughout those many years, you have created plenty of cherishable memories. Your kids may have been born in the house. This may have been the first house you bought with your spouse. You've raised your kids and celebrated holidays in this house. There are likely also a handful of unpleasant memories. At least hopefully, those memories are viewed as learning experiences that also double as funny stories to tell.


It may be bittersweet to leave the place you've called home for so many years, but the process of leaving can be stressful. Your daily life still goes on as you're getting everything packed up. There will be several days when you'll be coming home from work to pack up whatever you can rather than just relaxing and having leisure time. If you have young children, you probably won't be relying on them to do much packing on their own. Whether you're moving several states away or just to the next town, you may want the help of a moving company such as Allied Movers. Allied Movers can take a lot of the worries of a move off of your list.


Aside from any adults in your immediate household, there may be some close relatives who are able to take the time to come and help out with the packing. The extra help will definitely be appreciated and make packing less stressful during times when everyone happens to be out and busy. This can also ensure that you stay on schedule and have everything packed and ready to go when your moving date arrives.


Moving involves several goodbyes. You're saying goodbye to the house you're moving out of. You're saying goodbye to the neighborhood and your neighbors. Your kids will be saying goodbye to any friends they have in the neighborhood. If they're going to be transferring to a new school, they'll be saying goodbye to their teachers and classmates. But moving also involves new hellos. You're saying hello to the house that's going to be your new home. You're saying hello to whatever new life you want to live. You'll have a new neighborhood and new neighbors to get to know.


Even though moving means an exciting chance for a fresh start, your kids likely won't be as thrilled by it as you are. If they're teenagers, they're going to be understandably upset about leaving behind their childhood home and friends they may have known since kindergarten. Teenagers can be known to be stubborn about living in a new house and making new friends at a new school.


Of course, the circumstances under which you are moving can determine whether or not everyone is thrilled or upset about it. The location can also determine how positive or negative everyone will be about the move. If you're moving from an urban to a rural area for a peaceful and quiet life, your kids will likely not be happy about it. They may have enjoyed living in a big city and see living in the country area as boring. They might surprise you and be ready for a break from the crowds and hustle of the city.


If you or your kids didn't have the best life at your old home, then you may be excited about moving. Maybe they didn't have a lot of friends. There weren't a lot of kids in the neighborhood that were their age or they just didn't fit in. There weren't very many appealing job options and you had to settle with what was available. You may have had bad run-ins or problems with the neighbors. There are plenty of factors that would contribute to you looking forward to moving.


Even though moving means saying goodbye to a house full of memories, it means opening a door to something new. Everyone may not share the same excitement or anticipation, but, hopefully, they'll adjust over time. Perhaps something will happen that would not have happened had you not moved. You never know what new things will come along with a new home.



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