The Anatomy of a Green Home [Infographic]
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How green is your home? If you’ve ever been surprised by a sky-high energy bill, you’ve probably looked into ways to save energy and keep your bills low. Maybe you’ve tried weatherstripping or LED lightbulbs. There are opportunities everywhere to go green at home, and they’re surprisingly affordable.

Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that living in a sustainable home is too expensive. We’re here to debunk that myth by presenting some numbers. The average home costs over $7,000 annually in utilities and household operations. However, according to the US Department of Energy, a sustainable home can save $723–$1,182 annually. So even if eco-friendly insulation or low-VOC paint costs more upfront, it will pay for itself in no time.

Not sure where to start? Whether you’re building, remodeling, or simply sprucing up your home, the animation below gives 24 tips on how to save energy and money in every room.

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