5 Smart Reasons to Use Solar Power
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We as humans tend to take the energy we get from the sun for granted and most of us are completely unaware of the fact that the amount of solar energy received within two minutes is equivalent to the entire annual energy consumption of the planet.


Solar power has the potential to solve many of the challenges we are facing and it’s become increasingly popular over the past decade due to the numerous benefits it offers both to people and the environment.


Here are just several reasons why you should consider switching to solar power in your own home.


It’s environmentally friendly

The greatest advantage of solar power is that its production generates zero waste or noise pollution, so by installing solar panels in your home, you wouldn’t make any additional negative impact in urban areas. Moreover, they require very little maintenance and are much more durable than any other energy-producing system as they are designed to withstand any kind of extreme weather.


In addition, solar panel systems don’t produce greenhouse gases and need very little water for maintenance. They have the lowest environmental impact. A lot of companies today like Natural Solar have become true experts in solar panel and battery installation that have proved to be a perfect solution in commercial and residential markets.


As we are witnessing global climate change, turning to solar power has become more than just an obvious choice as it doesn’t rely on fossil fuels that are normally used for the production of electricity. All the harmful emissions produced by burning fossil fuels affect the safety of soil, air and water. Contrary to that, solar power is an entirely clean energy source and the smartest investment we can make into the future of our planet.


solar panels


It lowers your home’s carbon footprint

The consumption of electricity in your home leaves a negative carbon footprint which is the main reason why so many homeowners are opting for solar power. It’s estimated that an average home with a solar power system can save up to a ton of CO2 a year! This also means that air pollution could be reduced by a whopping 90%! Moreover, with the option of solar storage, many homes will soon be able to become grid-independent.


It saves your money

By generating your own electricity, your household will be less dependent on the utility supplier, meaning less money spent on your energy bill and more money left in your bank account. Even more, you’ll also be able to make money by selling your stored energy supply back into the grid. Simply put, the more energy you produce, the more self-reliant you will become. Your savings will depend on the size of your solar system and your energy and heat consumption. In general, you will benefit both from cutting your energy bill and from receiving payments for the energy surplus you send back to the grid.


solar panels


It gives you energy independence

The sun is one of the world’s greatest energy sources and being practically infinite, it allows you to become energy independent. As previously mentioned, you’ll be able to generate enough energy for your own needs and store the surplus either in your battery or to send it back to the grid, which only means the utility company will cease to be your primary energy source. You’ll also be independent of any weather conditions and possible power outages. Even in severe cases when power lines break down, your solar panels and storage systems will get you through the dark days.


It’s a renewable energy source

The final and the most significant advantage of solar panels is that the energy they generate is renewable. Regardless of the location, solar power can be harnessed everywhere and we can’t really run out of it. At least for the next 5 billion years, as the scientists estimate, we’re safe to enjoy it!


By harnessing just a fraction of solar power, we would be able to transform the world from a fossil-driven, resource-depleting population - whose future is unclear as the climate rapidly changes - to the one that is completely fuelled by renewable, clean energy.

Guest post by Derek Lotts



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