The Best DIY Sewer Cleaning Methods
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DIY sewer cleaning

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Cleaning sewer pipes and keeping them clear can be difficult for you if you are experiencing clogs or the pipes are old. There are some simple options that you can use to make the sewer lines as clean as possible. Plus, there are some options that make it easier for you to get the results that you need.


Someone who is trying to get the best possible results will find that they can completely change how they manage their home, how they use plumbing services, and how to service the pipes on a yearly basis.

Relining The Pipes
pipe relining company will provide services that keep the interior of the pipes clear, helps make them as slick as possible, and allows you to avoid problems with your pipes that occur when clogs stick to the walls of the pipes. Plus, you can have the relining done in a short period of time when you pour it into the line yourself.


You can even have the relining done to close leaks in the pipe because the lining material is very strong. You need to find the entry for the sewer line, pour in the relining mixture, and allow it to coat the pipes over the next 24 hours.

Chemical-Free Compounds

Chemical-free compounds are safe to use. These compounds will seep into the pipes, clear the clogs, and work their way through the system quickly. You do not have these things sitting in the pipes for a long period of time, and you can use the cleaner on your own without help from the plumber. You can call a plumber if you think you need help with the clog removers, but most chemical-free compounds will work on their own. All you need to do is be patient.

Sewer Cameras
There are many plumbers who use a sewer camera to check the line, to check the clogs, and to find damage. The good news is that you can use sewer cameras on your own. The camera broadcasts to your nearest Bluetooth device, and you can actually use the little camera to push debris out of the way or so that you know where to snake the pipe.


DIY sewer cleaning tips

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Snake the Pipe
You can use a regular snake to run through the line when you want to push the clogs out of the way on your own. Most people who are using their own snake will use their own force to push through the line. You could get a motorized snake, and it will help you remove even the worst clogs. You can turn on the motor, let it run slowly, and it will chew up a clog without causing any damage to the pipes.


Sewer Line Flushes
You can actually do a sewer line flush with a special machine that uses pressurized water. You can rent one of these machines on your own, and you insert it in the sewer line entrance outside. You push a little bit of water through the line, and it will clear all clogs. These machines are much less powerful than what a plumber would use, but they still do the job.

You can do a lot of your own plumbing work if you are using the tips above. People should start with the chemical-free compounds that are very safe to use in the house, and they should allow these compounds to run through the sewer line to clear all clogs. You can use more advanced techniques if you need, and they are all easy to use even if you are a novice.

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