The Buzz on Coffee: Interesting Facts and Statistics [Infographic]
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It’s been called the best part of waking up, and some people quip they can’t do anything without their morning cup of coffee, but coffee takes a long road to your cup each day.


Though the exact flavor depends on how it’s roasted, all commercial coffee comes from two types of coffee beans — Arabica and Robusta — grown around the world in Latin America, Central America, Africa and parts of Asia.


Luckily for many people, getting a cup of coffee is as simple as a quick trip to the grocery store or local barista. And they aren’t limited to black coffee, as there are at least 13 other ways to get your morning joe, ranging from iced coffee and cappuccino to mocha and Irish coffee. In some cases, you can even get apple pie, maple bacon or spicy taco-flavored coffee!


Printwand, Inc. details all of these fun coffee facts and more in this graphic. It also includes a breakdown for selecting your coffee cup and how that decision impacts the environment.




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