The Minimalist Guide to Holiday Packing [Infographic]
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Airplane luggage restrictions seem to be getting steadily stricter, and while this may be necessary to ensure that no potentially dangerous items make it on board, it has prompted travelers to be far more selective when it comes to packing their bags for their next trip. However, with some sensible planning and clever utilization of space, you can comfortably meet weight restrictions while still having everything you’ll need for boarding the plane.


This infographic from Killarney Hotels contains a series of astute packing tips that will help you to minimize your holiday packing without worrying that you’ll be traveling too light. Clothes are likely to take up the bulk of storage space in your luggage, possibly because you want to pack for every foreseeable eventuality and end up taking several coats and shoes.


If hot weather is forecast for your next holiday, a minimalist approach to packing is essential. Even if you’re going for 9-10 days, you can take just three tops and three pairs of shorts to provide nine different clothing combinations. You might want to take one set of formal wear in case you go to an upmarket restaurant, for instance, but this becomes very possible when you downscale your packing elsewhere. As for footwear, it’s best to wear your bulkiest shoes on the plane and fit a couple of compact pairs into your luggage. Stuffing shoes with socks and underwear is another simple yet effective space saver.


Check out the infographic below for clever tips on how to reduce the quantity of your holiday packing without leaving yourself short-changed. Besides, if you suddenly need something during your trip, a local store will almost certainly have it!


Minimalist holiday packing



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