The Rise of People Wanting Handmade Products

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When looking for gifts or items for their own homes and lives, many people choose handmade products because each one is unique and different. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of people wanting to purchase individually-crafted products. An example is a famous chef Nigella Lawson, who chose to use handmade, Scandinavian-inspired pottery to display her culinary creations in her newly released book “At My Table”. The beautiful, simple, unique Skandihus plates were the perfect complement for the delicious foods presented on top.


Mass-produced products are often convenient, but also uniform, standardised, and common – even boring – whereas products crafted by hand are individual and unique. The real beauty of handmade products is that they have ‘character, life and soul’ – especially when you consider the time and talent dedicated by the artist who created them. Quality handcrafted products reflect the artist’s vision and creativity, and buyers can appreciate the dedication and talent that has gone into producing the article. Each product captures moments of creative ability that we can then observe and enjoy at our leisure.


Of course, handmade products have advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of handcrafted items is the endless variety and choice of products, as opposed to the monotonous conformity offered by mass production. On the other hand, if you lost a favourite handmade product, one disadvantage could be the difficulty in finding a similar replacement.


Even when they come in a series, each handcrafted product is always slightly different, and their individuality and distinctiveness is their great appeal. For most people, the eccentricities in each handmade cup, bowl, blanket, a piece of furniture, or any other product are not seen as imperfections, but as an enhancement to its loveliness.


Image Source: Unsplash


For people who love beautiful things with individual charm and mystery, there is an obvious winner between handmade vs manufactured products. Handmade products exhibit greater attention to detail than found in things produced en masse. More people are choosing to express their individuality by purchasing products that have been lovingly and painstaking crafted by local artists. The fine craftsmanship required to produce an exclusive piece by hand ensures that each one is of high quality.


Of course, you don’t always have to spend money to get a handmade product. Some of the best presents can be homemade gifts – for such recipients, the time and the effort that goes into producing the item is what makes it so special and memorable.


Handmade products matter to many people who want to appreciate the beauty of the object but also recognise the creativity of the artist. One of the best reasons to buy handmade products is to support your local artists – making a living creating handsome objects may sound idyllic, but artisans have bills to pay like everyone else. Buying handmade products assures that these talented people can continue to delight us with their creative treasures.


So, support your local artists who dedicate far more hours of attention to create their pieces than we can imagine. Remember that every single curve, line or detail has been expertly executed to create a product of exceptional quality and irreplaceable beauty. Value the skill and dedication that has gone into each handmade product, and feel privileged to have the opportunity to purchase a rare, valuable work of art at a fair price.

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