10 Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas to Inspire You
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Having a properly designed log cabin can make a huge impact as you take your long weekend trying to get away from the busy day to day hassle of the city life. A log cabin doesn’t need to be boring as it can be well designed and decorated. Remember, a log cabin is not just a place to get some well-deserved rest and relaxation - it is also your home away from home.


Here are 10 log cabin interior design ideas that will make improve your log cabin’s ambiance and feel.


Alpine Log Cabin

Image Credit: Rogerwadestudio.com


This is an alpine log cabin design that combines the old-fashioned, rustic log cabin decor style with natural stone veneer for the fireplace.


If you take a look at the room, you’ll see a lot of old-fashioned wood, furniture that would fit right in during the late nineteenth century, and fixtures that are in-line with the style of an old-fashioned rustic log cabin.


Using natural stone veneer for the fireplace further enhances the sensations of home and hearth within this cabin.


Classic Log Interior

Image Credit: Yellowstoneloghomes.com


This classic log cabin interior design mixes old-fashioned, more natural elements - such as a natural stone veneer wall for the countertop and several pieces of furniture that appear to be handcrafted - with modern amenities and styles, such as that of the silver refrigerator.


Natural stone veneer appears to be used in order to blend the two styles - modern and old-fashioned - together, in a concise way.


White Washed Log Cabin

Image Credit: Jubelirerdesign.com


This particular design has used one of the oldest tricks in the book: whitewashing the walls to make the rest of the interior appear bright and contemporary in its style.


With this log cabin, we can clearly see a mixture of contemporary style - the white walls - mixed with a lot of old-fashioned interior design principles, namely, the natural stone veneer fireplace.


In this particular cabin design, the natural stone veneer fireplace is the centerpiece of the room, and it tells us that the style is the one focused on capturing feelings of the hearth while evoking feelings of history. It is very fitting for a log cabin.


Solid Timber Columns

Image Credit: Gmcbinc.com


One of the easiest ways to add a level of aesthetic beauty to your log cabin, without adjusting the walls, is simply adding wooden pillars throughout the room.


What do wooden pillars add to a room?


They add a cozy and warm feeling, due to the wood, while also creating a sense of opulence and high-class, combined with the natural stone veneer fireplace, which enhances feelings of nature, hearth and history. You take those elements and combine them with the old-fashioned decor, and you get something very distinct.


Minimalistic Ceiling

Image Credit: Carolflanagandesign.com


Here, we have what is probably the modern of all the log cabin interiors. This one has all of the fixtures of a modern home, aside from the fireplace, which is made of brick, reminiscent of the fireplaces that used to always be a feature of older homes, in the early twentieth century.


Wood Slab Bench and Stone Flooring

Image Credit: Buildredrock.com


Stone flooring merges effortlessly with colorful wood. This combination creates a unique blend of twentieth-century Old West stylization, mixed with a much older, more pronounced style - that of stone - one of the oldest materials that are known to humanity.


A Spacious Living Room

Image Credit: Studiotrimble.com


While this is a very spacious cabin, smaller cabins can learn from the masterful staging of furniture - notice the way it’s centered around the natural stone veneer fireplace - and the gorgeous woodwork.


Log Beams and Artistic Stonework

Image Credit: Tetonheritagebuilders.com


Perhaps, this is the most artistic use of stone in this entire list. Here, the stone is used to enhance both the artistry of the interior design and to merge old-fashioned wooden elements with their even older stone companions.


Abstract Log Beams

Image Credit: Thewhitefacelodge.com


Make no mistake, logs don’t always have to follow straight patterns. You can align them in a variety of ways, and this particular log cabin does just that, creating a very distinct look that is paired with the beautiful fireplace.


A Breakfast Nook

Image Credit: Remodelingbyrenewal.com


This final log cabin interior design idea involves creating a small breakfast nook that serves as both a dining space and a little corner where you can relax.


The stone floors heighten the old-fashioned look, and are absolutely beautiful when paired with the wooden cabinets!

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