Things You Need To Help Create A Functioning Locker Room
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Whether you’re creating a locker room for a gym or a school, there are a number of different elements and points to consider in order to create a functioning space. Let’s dive in.

Design And Layout

Before getting into the objects and furniture of a locker room, it’s important to talk about the actual layout of the room.

Utilize the space without jeopardizing comfort. Allow there to be a flow of traffic coming in and out without disrupting anyone using the room and lockers. Most people within a locker room will be changing clothes, so the room should allow for some semi-private areas in both wet and dry areas. 

When it comes to having a safety exit, you should have it accessible for all within, no matter where in the locker room they are. You should be constantly inspecting elements of locker rooms, to ensure safety measurements are met.

Importantly, you should allow for 48 inches of space around your accessible lockers, in order to meet the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Objects And Furniture

Of course, no locker room will be complete without any actual physical pieces inside. Starting with, arguably the most important pieces, we have lockers. 

When purchasing lockers for your locker room, you should, if possible, get ones that are both open spaced inside, and easy to open, whilst remaining secure.

Consider how they will open up too, which way the doors swing will help with accessibility and privacy for each individual locker.

Aside from lockers, you’ll also need some team benches, or other general benches, such as those manufactured by GT Grandstands, in order to provide users with somewhere comfortable to sit and get changed. No one wants to sit on a locker room floor.

You should also look into investing into shower units too. Whilst not a necessity, it can greatly increase the rating of a locker room, and also offers more hygiene options. You’ll also have draining units put in, to stop the showers from flooding the entire locker room with dirty water, which again is a great hygienic tool.

If you haven’t thought about it already, you should add some wall hooks and hanger rails outside of the locker, in order to hang up non valuable bulky objects, such as coats and clothes, whilst out of the locker room.


Of course, all the lockers should have some sort of capacity for security. Whether that be in the form of built-in combine locks, digital locks, or space for an external lock placed by any guest.

Certain locker rooms will have to meet different security basics, depending on their use. For example, there is a difference between leisure centers, schools and offices when it comes to privacy and protection.

Aside from the basic locker security, you should consider the external security of the actual room itself. The room may be empty whilst everyone is out during sport games, so will require a semi-permanent lock. 

For lockers that have constant going ins and outs, consider using a keypad lock, where users who have access have to enter the code to get in, otherwise locking the door down entirely.


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