This Dutch Startup Turns Waste Into Unique Building Materials

Dutch startup StoneCycling created sustainable bricks made from construction and demolition waste.


When collecting raw materials for its WasteBasedBrick, StoneCycling does a thorough analysis of “ingredients” and selects only those that are not harmful to the environment and people’s health.


WasteBasedBricks are produced in different shapes and sizes. Its product variations include Aubergine, Caramel, Mushroom, Salami, Truffle, Nougat. Each product has its own unique recipe.





Tom van Soest, co-founder of Stone Cycling, got an inspiration for his venture during his studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. After testing different methods of grinding, blending and processing waste, Tom was able to uncover the real value of turning waste into building materials.


Besides creating WasteBasedBrick, StoneCycling also plans to introduce a wide variety of new products for the interior and exterior design.


Visit StoneCycling website and stay tuned for the updates from the company.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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