This Is How to Motivate Your Kids to Keep Studying During Quarantine
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Since the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all been living a whole new reality than what we are used to. Although parents have always fulfilled their duty to make sure their kids do their assignments and do the house chores, things are different now. Families are forced to spend unstructured time together because of this crisis, creating new challenges for many parents. 

Many parents understand the importance of having their kids remain active and sharp during the pandemic, but the problem is maintaining it. How do they keep the kids motivated and willing to continue learning?

Remote learning has been touted as the way to ensure continuity in schooling, and many schools have adopted this model for the time being. But the question is, does this solve the problem, or it creates other problems? 

E-learning is under a viable solution. College students can easily move ahead with this to continue their education, but for children of elementary age, is it the same? Can they simply move on with studying online and having to stare at their teachers through a screen rather than in person? 

There’s no arguing that this system of education is more suited for older children. Younger children will struggle to adapt to this online learning model, and they are likely to lose their motivation to study very quickly. This places an extra burden on the parents to ensure that their kids don’t lose their zeal for education so early and continue their studies (even if it's online). 

This is a significant problem that parents have had to deal with throughout the pandemic. How do they achieve this goal of helping their kids stay motivated to continue studying despite the quarantine? In this article, content writers from Essaymama give their inputs, ideas, and suggestions that many parents will find handy. 

Create schedules and involve them in it

Children are used to working with learning schedules pre-pandemic. So it makes sense to help them keep up with that if you are going to motivate them to keep studying. However, it will be more effective if you involve them in creating these schedules and guidelines. The fact that they co-created the plan means that you don’t need to seek any more acceptance from them, and they are likely to follow the schedule that they created with a relatively easy push from you. 

If you are not sure how to involve your kids, call for a family meeting and discuss creating a schedule for them to study with them. Ask them if they have any inputs such as study times, when to take breaks from academic work, what time they should be up and dressed, etc. 

While they are unlikely to come up with feasible ideas such as waking up and getting dressed just before noon, you have to make sure that you stick to an idea that’s as close to their suggestions as possible. Listening to their ideas and trying to implement them makes it more inclusive for them, and they are more interested in following the schedule. This means that you have to negotiate with them where your thoughts and opinions differ. Remember that you are trying to motivate them to read, not force them. So their opinions count and are as important as yours. 

Give them time to transition

These kids need time to transition from what they used to know and live into the new reality that they have to live now. So you should give them some time off for them to adjust to being at home all day and not going to school or going to the playground or their friends, etc. They definitely have their concerns and are worried about the virus and how it affects their lives; even being locked down indoors has its effect. So you don’t want to rush them into being diligent students like everything is fine. 

You should talk to them more regularly now and take your time to answer their questions calmly and honestly. But be careful not to give them an overload of information. Authors in the ninjaessay suggest that you give them some reassurance about the virus. Also, allow them to take a few days to decompress. Leave them to do what they want to do. Let them indulge themselves with some screen time (excluding the news, so it doesn’t increase their anxiety). 

They must have this transition period. From here, you can start to introduce studying to them bit by bit until you are able to agree on a schedule that works for both parties. 

Harness their natural interests

Everyone has a few things that they are attracted to naturally, including activities that interest them. To motivate your kids to study, start from their point of interest. If your kids love art and drawings, you can take advantage of that first before you begin to reintroduce other subjects to them. Let them do more art than other subjects then gradually increase the time spent on other subjects. This way, you will build interest in them gradually. If they love to write stories, tell them to write an essay instead. Then start to introduce assignments that involve writing across different subjects. This is how to harness their interests to make them study. It would be wrong and demotivating to ask them to abandon their drawings and stories to do some math they likely hate. Take it slowly. Introduce the subjects to them in order of their preference. You will get to math at some point, and you can be sure that they have the motivation to study by then.

Set goals together

According to the review reviews, the pandemic offers parents an opportunity to teach their kids a few life hacks, and goal setting is an important one. You can use this when motivating them to keep studying during quarantine. 

Of course, this works in hand with other ideas mentioned earlier. Once you have created a schedule with them, remember to start from their point of interest, then set daily goals or targets that they're to reach. Offer them specific mouth-watering rewards every day that they reach the target. 

Be careful not to set goals that are too difficult to reach, so you don’t discourage them. Make them achievable and increase the difficulty with time. As you increase the difficulty, increase the rewards for attaining the goal as well. You should know a few things that your kids would love to have. Offer these up as rewards for their diligence. 


We are all going through an unprecedented time, and your kids are not exempted. They might need time to adjust to the new reality, but their education remains a constant. While the circumstances might demotivate them, you must motivate them again.

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