Tips To Create Green Plumbing Revolution In Your Home
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Aussie’s have been becoming increasingly environmentally-conscious over the last decade. By adopting greener plumbing in our homes, we’ve all started working together to reduce our water use which is going a long way toward making eco-friendly changes that help us care for our environment. Whether you’re thinking about getting on board to save some money or save the planet, here are some of the most effective green plumbing tips.

Fix leaky plumbing

When you have a faulty plumbing system in your home with leaking or broken pipes, not only can it cause you to waste excessive amounts of water, but you’ll also have increased water bills. So the priority is to examine your plumbing for any possible leaks thoroughly. Don’t forget to look around outside for broken pipes, especially any surrounding areas with trees. Some of the other more common indicators are strange sounds from the pipes, lower pressure flows, and noticeable increases in your water bill.

Harvest your rainwater

While the primary focus of eco-alternatives on modern plumbing is water conservation, a rainwater harvesting system can be used for all of your not-potable needs, such as garden irrigation and flushing the toilet. Simply by harvesting water from rain you can water your lawns and the plants in your garden for free while also seemingly paradoxically reducing the total amount of water used in your household substantially. Because instead of using town water for non-drinking purposes, you can collect the rainwater that falls on your roof and reuse it as much as you need.

Use solar hot water

Once you’ve paid the upfront costs for a solar panel to be installed on your roof, the direct sunlight will allow you to heat up the water inside your tank. So in addition to hot water being supplied from your existing hot water system, your solar panel will also charge the system to provide you with heated water directly from the sun. So, despite the initial cost of a solar hot water system, it’s good to know that it is currently at its cheapest price in history. And ultimately, the installation of a solar system on your roof can ultimately save you money on bills for electricity, water, and gas!

Install water-efficient fixtures

There is a wide variety of low-flow and water-efficient plumbing fixtures available on the market, which will dramatically reduce the amount of water you use. To create a more environmentally-friendly home, these star-rated plumbing products range from toilets to dishwashers and taps to showerheads. In fact, simply by swapping out your traditional showerheads with low-flow fixtures, for example, you can reduce the amount of water used in your home by over 50 percent. Flushing a normal toilet is another massive waste of water, whereas low-flush toilets use up to five times less water with each flush.

Hire a green plumber

The most effective way to ensure your household will be able to reap the benefits of going green with your plumbing system is by choosing a green plumber who offers 24-hour emergency services. So if you notice any issues when you’re checking for leaks in your plumbing, contact a professional green plumber to ensure you get the job done right the first time. Green plumbers will give you the best advice for a more efficient plumbing system that not only saves you money but is also environmentally-friendly to help you and your family reduce your carbon footprint gradually over time.

Final thoughts

When it comes to choosing green plumbing inside your home, remember that one hand always washes the other. In other words, there’s no point in deciding to be more environmentally conscious, before simply falling back into old habits a month later. So if you really want to make a difference to your wallet and your world, make sure you follow the tips above for the long-term. Start thinking globally while you’re acting locally.


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