Top 11 Austrian Music Startups
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Austria is not merely a home of such renowned music composers as Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven, Schubert, Strauss, but also a hub of the most innovative music startups.

Here is the list of 11 hottest music startups that are aimed to revolutionize the world of music :



1. Definitely Music


Definitely Music is an innovative audio agency co-founded by Richard Ulmer and Jan Leers. Before they set up Definitely Music, Ulmer and Leers were involved in a variety of music related projects. Their passion towards music and desire to turn their hobby into profession brought them together and they created Definitely Music.

The main activities at Definitely Music revolve around development of acoustic identities for brands and companies, creation of sound designs for various applications and music production for different types of use.


2. Rebeat Digital Ltd


Rebeat Digital offers software for music distribution and accounting of digital sales royalties . The rise of online streaming services and the growing importance of YouTube as a revenue source created a number of challenges for music labels, publishers and artists. To tackle these challenges and simplify the process of music distribution and royalties accounting, company produced its innovative Rebeat Digital Standard and Rebeat Digital Business Software.

Website :


3. platform contains DJ mixes, radioshows and live recordings from clubs and festivals from around the world. Music on is handselected, assembled by the world's top ranked DJs as well as underground talents. Listen to your favorite DJ sets anytime, anywhere : app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7.

Website :

4. Spectralmind

Spectralmind is an innovative audio intelligence company. Spectralmind audio intelligence platform is powered by intelligent audio technology that allows computers to hear music, just like humans do.

Spectralmind platform enables music distributors, online music stores, production companies (media/film/advertising), media asset management companies, telecom companies and smartphone providers to search, classify and retrieve music files, thanks to built-in modules:

·        Search by sound


·        View by sound


·        Recommend by sound


·        Annotate by sound



Furthermore, Spectralmind released its music apps Sonarflow : Sonarflow Spot , Sonarflow iTunes, Sonarflow Pro, Sonarflow Android.

Website :

5. Stagefy

Stagefy is a state-of-the-art platform that connects fans, artists, promoters.
Platform enables fans to invite their favorite artists/bands to their town. In the meantime, artists can easily identify where their fans would like to see them and use this information to set up a gig at that location. Promoters are able to determine the fanbase of a specific artist/band and decide whom to invite to perform at a certain gig/event.

Website :

6. is a platform that allows new and established artists to introduce their music and art to the world.

Team at provides the following services:

·     Audio recording and mastering


·     Music video production


·     Filming/editing/post production


·     Design (album covers, websites, posters, publications)


·     File conversion, formatting and packaging


·     Promotional content team uses know-how and a range of equipment to produce and publish video and music in superior quality.

Website :

7. Re-compose

Re-compose is an innovative company that specializes in the development of intelligent tools for music composers and producers that help them to get new and complex ideas (melodies, chords, harmony, accompaniments, rhythm patterns), deliver these ideas fast, and optimize the impact of music. Its hit product is Liquid Notes Software, that offers a host of songwriting features.


Website :


8. Auphonic

Auphonic provides audio post production web service for broadcasters, podcasts, radio shows, screencasts. Auphonic analyzes your audio and does whatever is necessary to achieve a professional quality. Auphonic app is available in AppStore, GooglePlay.

Website :


9. Christoph Pichler

Christoph Pichler started producing music in 2003. His creativity and unique ability to combine different music styles and create compelling pieces by sound weren’t left unnoticed. Among his clients were Adidas Music Magazine, Oberbank, TEDx Linz and others. Christoph also focuses on audio-postproduction of movies, commercials, animation movies.


Website :


10. Patio

With Patio you will never miss news about the upcoming music/album releases from your favorite artists or bands. Patio will let you be the 1st to know about the release and its actual date in your country.

Website :


11. Sonible

Sonible is a company that focuses on innovative solutions and products in audio technology.


Website :



                                                                                                       Written by Natalie Myhalnytska 





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