Top 20 Benefits of Cycling for Health and Environment [Infographic]
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Cycling is considered to be one of the most efficient and eco-friendly modes of transportation. Unlike cars or motorized vehicles, bikes don’t contribute into the increase of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the space used to park one car can be converted into a parking space for nearly 10 bikes. This means that the land, which would otherwise be used for car parking zones, will be freed for creating green areas if more people start using bikes.


The results of a study commissioned by European Cyclists Federation, Union Cycliste Internationale and Bicycle Product Suppliers Association showed that a world with dramatic increase in cycling could save society US $24 trillion cumulatively between 2015 and 2050 and cut CO2 emissions from urban passenger transport by nearly 11% in 2050 compared to a transition to the use of sustainable transportation modes without a strong cycling emphasis.


Besides having a low impact on the environment, cycling also gives people an opportunity to increase physical activity and helps reduce risks of developing various diseases and premature death. A comprehensive Danish health study revealed that regular cycling reduces mortality rate by 20-28%.


Check out the infographic to see top 20 benefits of cycling for health and environment.




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