Top Eco-Friendly Trends From the Retail Signage Industry

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Retailers are always looking for ways to stand out from their competition. More often than not, this involves creating unique signage to lure customers in the door and keep them shopping longer. The retail signage industry is perhaps one of the most environmentally conscious in the world. This is for a couple of reasons: one is that retail signage affects consumer choices and thus environmental impact; the other is that many in this industry are passionate about green issues and want to see change happen for businesses and individuals.

A couple of retail signage ideas have caught on as being good for the environment, and they're continuing to gain new converts every day. Let's take a look at some of those eco-friendly trends below.

Use of Sustainable Materials

Retailers are beginning to understand that going green can be done by going sustainable. They're looking into alternative, sustainable materials that can be used to produce signage. These new options use recycled material, are recyclable themselves, and of course, are more environmentally friendly than traditional sign products.

For example, some retailers have been switching over to using bamboo for their retail counters. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource that grows faster than it takes to harvest and exploit. It also doesn't require pesticides to grow and is easier on the environment than hardwoods or other kinds of wood.

Another example includes using printed paper instead of metal or plastic sign faces for corrugated retail displays (such as counter stands, floor stands, sales signs, etc.). Paper can be recycled for further uses.

Transparent Signage

Many retailers are jumping on the transparent signage bandwagon. These shops opt for clear or semi-transparent window stickers or transparent vinyl displays to help their customers see what's inside the store, rather than opaque sign faces designed to keep people out of the store at all costs.

While the idea of transparent signage may seem counterintuitive, the size of displays these days gives retailers enough coverage to make this strategy work. In addition, it's a way for retailers to build trust with their customers and show that they have nothing to hide!

Hybridized Retail Signage

Another trend happening in the retail signage industry is the hybridization of signage and window stickers. These days, retailers are putting their retail signs or logo on a window sticker that will allow them to get double duty from the same product! For example, many business owners place their business name and hours of operation on a clear vinyl decal (window decal) at the edge of the door.

However, if they were to use a transparent sticker instead of a window decal, they would have the choice of peeling it off and applying elsewhere as needed. For example, a restaurant could stick their name and logo on their front door during the day and then move that same signage to a back door or side entrance at night when they don't want people loitering around.

The hybridized retail signage helps retailers save money on materials, reduce waste, and cut down on shipping costs by offering more for less!

Energy-Efficient Signage

Lighting is a great tactic to attract customers. Having a brightly lit store will make the space look cleaner and bigger. However, lighting takes up a lot of energy. So, stores are switching to energy-efficient lighting and signage. SEG frames and lightboxes are perfect because stores can still display their posters, graphics, and brand story while saving energy. 

Virtual Retail Signage

Lastly, more retailers are transitioning their signage from physical displays to virtual sign displays. This involves using QR codes to bring customers to a website or digital display.

This method allows retailers to promote their products and location outside brick-and-mortar locations, bringing them to other places like the web, social media, etc. It also allows for more flexibility; you can change what your virtual signage displays anytime! Its sign displays never limit your business.

With the way technology advances, you would be wise to keep an eye on these trends and possibly adopt them for your retail signage! Adapting virtual signage is a great way to stay relevant in today's digital age.

Top Eco-Friendly Trends

The retail signage industry is changing. It's time to join the eco-friendly movement, and these are just a few of the best trends you'll want to be aware of. What other ways have you made your store or business more environmentally friendly? Do any of these styles look like they might work at your place too? We love hearing from our readers! Let us know in the comments below what eco-conscious changes you've made that we missed on this list!


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