Ways to Beat All the Extra Skin After Weight Loss
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extra skin after weight loss


Anyone who has rapidly lost a significant amount of weight, especially if they are in their mid-30s or older, may have noticed that they have a bit (or a lot) of loose skin hanging around - depending on how much they’ve lost. From the hanging pouch around the stomach to all the extra skin under the arms, loose skin can pose an embarrassing problem.

Why Skin Gets Loose After Weight Loss?

Skin is an incredibly elastic living organ that has to stretch as we move, grow, and - as in the case of weight loss - shrink. Being the largest body organ, the skin is comprised of cells and it follows our body development to a point. This is why we get stretch marks when we gain weight (the lines are symptomatic of the skin expanding to make room for the extra fat) or why the skin loosens when we get rid of the extra pounds.

Different layers of your skin have different types of cells; the skin cells on the epidermis (the outer part of your skin) are constantly being replaced with new cells while the subdermis (the skin cells under the epidermis) are more permanent. These layers of the skin are made up of elastic connective tissues, blood vessels, fibers and all sorts of components that can contract or stretch depending on how they’re treated. While young, the skin will easily go back to being tight. However, as we get older, the skin ages with us, losing its ability to adapt to our new shape. This is also due to the fact that skin’s elastic components lose elasticity and the layers of fat that keep them stretched out over your body.

What Can I Do to Eliminate the Excessive Skin After Weight Loss?

For one, all “natural” remedies most probably won’t ever eliminate all the excessive skin from weight loss, expect if you are still a teenager or in your early twenties when the skin is still young. Added, if your genetics is exceptional, it may happen that the skin regenerates. However, in all other cases, the 100% satisfactory results will come through plastic surgery.

What Are My Overall Options?

Exercise intensively

The best way to get back in shape, tone your muscles and improve your lifestyle is through exercise; working out with a personal trainer, or on your own, will keep your body healthy and firm. Boxing, swimming, running, biking, hiking… and the combination of the same will be super beneficial not only for your figure but for the excessive skin, too. Intense workouts will help, especially if you commit to working out at least three times a week. Although, the loose skin won’t disappear altogether.

Drink a lot of water

Being hydrated is essential for all of the body’s systems, including the skin, hormones, metabolism and digestion. It maintains skin hydration, making it free of blemishes, plum and moist and, therefore, quicker to adapt. Water consumption will help bawl function, promote weight loss and help the body get rid of toxins, waste and impurities. Drink a minimum of 2l daily.

Eat well

Without proper nutrition, no weight loss will ever stick. You can’t be on a regimen for a year, lose weight and then go back to binge eating, fast foods and processed sugars. You have to keep your diet in check and make sure you make it a lifestyle. Unfortunately, healthy diet will help your overall body health and keep your weight in check but it won’t help with eliminating the excessive skin.

Schedule surgery

The best and safest way to remove the extra skin after weight loss is to schedule a consultation followed by an appointment for a cosmetic surgery. Your surgeon will take the time to examine the extra tissue, see what can be done and present you with options. These surgeries are safe, they are done fairly often and are definitely the best way to let go of your “elephant” skin in matter of days.

When you lose the weight, make sure you stay true to your new life. When you are picking your surgeon to remove the imperfections, opt for the best one, with the best credentials and a number of satisfied patients behind him.

Written by Diana Smith


About the Author

Diana Smith is a full time mum of two beautiful girls and is interested in sustainability, ecology and home improvement. She enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family. You can find her on Twitter here.


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