What are the Advantages of Epoxy Flooring?
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epoxy flooring


Epoxy flooring is a coating that can protect your concrete floor from wear and tear. Epoxy is made from liquid hardening chemicals and resins. You can mix these two elements and apply on your floor to give it a protective layer. Most of the times, epoxy is applied on concrete floors, but you can also apply this coating on wooden floors if needed.


Why Would You Choose Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy resins are the core materials that can be mixed with the primers and sealants. The resin will protect your floor from any harmful elements, and it can also make your floor waterproof, heat resistant and damage proof. You can use the epoxy coatings on concrete, steel and wooden surfaces. Epoxy flooring is made with a mixture of bisphenol and it contains epichlorohydrin organochlorine/epoxide compounds.


Here Are A Few Advantages of Installing This Kind of Flooring


It protects the floor from chemical spills

Epoxy flooring is mostly used in industrial settings, because their aim is to protect the concrete floor from chemical spills. Sometimes, contractors decide to make your entire commercial or industrial floor with epoxy materials, and they can mix color chips, sand and hard plastic to design the epoxy layers.


It makes the floor slip resistant

In this case, special quartz sand is added in the flooring to make it slip resistant.


It is heat resistant

Some epoxy coatings contain fire resistant pigments, due to which they can tolerate intense heat conditions. So you can install such flooring in your residential and commercial areas to make your property fire resistant.


It saves from electrical charges

This flooring has anti-static properties that can keep your floor safe from any electromagnetic fields. That is why this flooring is often installed in electronic manufacturing units or laboratories where electrical charges can spread electric current and damage sensitive electronic equipment.


epoxy flooring


It can give color to your floor

Most people think that epoxy flooring is transparent, but for your information, you may also find some colored epoxy materials in the market. You can mix colored pigments with epoxy materials to create an opaque color, or you can mix plastic chips with epoxy materials to create a marble-like look. You can create a wide variety of colors and textures in your house using these colored pigments. You can even pour such floor coating on your hard-wooden floor to create a special effect.


Earlier people used to install this flooring in factory and industrial areas only. But now, you can install it in different parts of your home as well, including your driveway, patio, kitchen, bathroom, garage and indoor areas. They can bear heavy traffic and last longer than other floorings. It is easy to do it yourself.


Although many DIY kind of people can apply epoxy coatings on their floor easily, if you are not sure of the process, it’s better consult a trained professional and ask them to install epoxy on your home flooring.


Epoxy coatings are made with strong adhesives, and you can find 1.5 thousand pounds of adhesive powder per inch in the epoxy flooring. So they last longer and they can stay intact even under heavy physical loads.

Undoubtedly, epoxy is durable and UV resistant. You can use this material to design your floor and improve the aesthetics and safety quotient of your home. The installation of epoxy flooring takes minimum time, and you can even do it yourself. However, you may also find some contractor to install such flooring in your property.

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