How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Your Home
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Vacuuming Made Easy
Vacuuming is one of the housekeeping skills that have been adopted by many people as the effective way of cleaning carpets, hard floors, and drawers among other areas that accumulate dirt. Other than improving the appearance of the house, it also helps in improving the quality of the surrounding air, making it suitable for breathing.

How to purchase a good vacuum cleaner
Currently, there are so many vacuum cleaner brands in the market making it hard to determine the one that is most appropriate. When buying a vacuum cleaner, it is important to familiarize yourself with the different features in the cleaner to be able to choose one that will best meet your needs. Some of the properties to consider include the suction power, which should be strong enough to effectively suck dust, the ease with which it moves around, its weight, its outward appearance, and its lifespan.



Types of Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum cleaners for both domestic and commercial cleaning are available in different forms, sizes, and models. Some of the widely recognized and
best vacs in the market today include:

  • Upright Vacs

They have a bag and are attached to a handle. They achieve cleaning by both sweeping and vibration. There are two types available: the dirty air, or direct fan, where the air passes through the fan and into the bag directly without being filtered, and the clean air, or fan by-pass, whereby, the air is filtered before passing through the fan.

  • Canister Vacs

In this model, the motor and the dust collector are found in a separate compartment and are supported by wheels. It contains a hose attached at its end that is used for vacuuming. It can either hold a bag or not. It has an advantage over the upright cleaners since it is more flexible and can reach hidden places like under the bed.

  • Drum Vacs

They are mainly used for industrial purposes. They contain a large drum that is either supported on wheels or is stationary. They are capable of holding large volumes of dust and can go for several hours without having to empty.



  • Wet or Dry Vacs

They are a specialized type of drum vacuums that are designed in a way that they can vacuum water or any spilled liquids, or any other dry debris without suffering any damage. It has a motor that is separate from the other parts.

  • Pneumatic Vacs

It is almost similar to the wet or dry vacs because it can also vacuum liquids, but for the pneumatic vac, it vacuums larger quantities of liquids. It is also capable of vacuuming dry dirt.

  • Backpack Vacs

They are mostly used for industrial purposes. They are worn on the back, which enables the user to move faster, and cover a large area.

  • Cyclonic Vacs

Instead of using filter bags to separate the dirt, cyclonic vacs contain a collection vessel that operates under the principle of cyclonic separation. Air combined with dust enters the cleaner, where it creates a vortex. The dust particles are then separated from the air by centrifugation and removed from the vessel by gravity.


  • Central Vacs

The motor and dirt filters in a central vac are located at a central part inside a building where pipes are connected to vacuum inlets found all over the building. The hose is typically long and portable, which allows it to be moved to the different rooms without having to change the inlets. The collection bin is huge such that emptying is done once in a while. Its main advantages are that it contains a very powerful suction and slows down when the collection container is almost full. Through this method, the effectiveness of the cleaning improves. Also, it is impossible for the dirt to circulate back to the already cleaned areas, preventing the possibility of doing work and at the same time preventing allergic reactions.

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