What Happens to Our Waste? [Infographic]
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It’s something that we do every day. We consume a food or drink and all that’s left at the end of it is a wrapper or container that we no longer need, so we dispose of it in the nearest trash can. Have you ever wondered, though, what happens to the things that we throw away after we’re done with them? They don’t just sit in a trash can for all eternity, you know!


This infographic from Cleaning Services Group aims to answer that question by examining how waste is treated after we’ve dumped it. Traditionally, it would just go to landfill and that would be that, but the unsightly vision and ghastly odor of trash piles has prompted humankind to give a lot more thought to how it handles trash.


Within the last generation or so, we’ve truly woken up to the virtues of recycling. If a product is made from materials that can be given a new lease of life, it goes to a recycling facility rather than just becoming landfill. If some items can be converted into energy or fuel, that’s how they’ll be repurposed. Then there are those products which require specialist disposal, such as acid batteries and discarded healthcare waste. The treatment of these items is very specific and regimented, as casual dumping could be dangerous due to the substances involved.


In the infographic below, you can find out more about what happens to the waste that we throw away after we have finished using it. We found it quite interesting and we think that you might too.

Guest post by David Smith



About the Author

David Smith is the owner of Cleaning Services Group, a provider of top quality domestic and commercial cleaning services in the UK.



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