What Makes Daily Deal Platforms the Best Small-Scale Online Startup Idea
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Find out how a daily deals website with advanced feature can be good idea for long term business. Read on to find how daily deals websites are best option for startups to start their online business.

If you are planning to launch a startup, then you must be in a total state of confusion ‘which business model to choose for your startup?’ You must be bumping around the blog posts over the internet with titles like ‘top 10 ecommerce startup ideas’, ‘7 hottest startup business models’, etc. But to no avail. 


Sure, you are looking for a business model that is popular and allows you to get going in the minimum time frame and at a small investment. Let me tell you, a daily deal website like Groupon, LivingSocial, and Woot is just that thing. Let me explain you why.


Easy to Set up & Run

The best thing about the daily deal website is that they are super easy to setup and run. You don’t have to deal with any inventory headaches. Neither there will be any delivery hassles for you. Merchants will come & list their deals on the website, and will handle the whole transaction process all by themselves. As the website owner, you just need to handle the admin control area and enjoy the commission that you will get on every deal sold by a merchant on your platform.


In Trend

Groupon, Woot, & LivingSocial – need we say more? The popularity & success of these platforms clearly portrays how much potential this marketplace has and how much people want it. But if you are already intimidated with the thought that how your daily deal startup will succeed when there are already giants like Groupon in the market, let me tell you that you don't need to worry about it. 


Many of these daily deal platforms may have an international presence, but they don’t dominate much outside their primary target market. It is because of the presence of local daily deal websites. So, by targeting a specific local market, like a city, you can ensure the success of your daily deal website. Besides, as a small scale startup, launching a city daily deal website makes perfect sense. 


Also note that you would rarely find the local market advantage in other startup business ideas.


An Evergreen Business Model

Another reason why you should choose daily deal platform as your startup idea is because it is futuristic. Presently, online shopping doesn’t seem to die at any point in the future. Plus, online shoppers will always be looking for discounts & deals on the products they want to buy. So, 10 years from now, 20 or more, the startup you launch today will always be in demand.


So, these were the factors that make daily deal websites a prime ecommerce startup choice. But what's next? How to begin? Well, here is just the solution that you need.


Yo!Deals offered by FATbit Technologies is an advanced daily deal website script, which offers many features that you won’t find in the current generation of daily deal platforms. Let’s find out what makes Yo!Deals the best script solution for launching a daily deal website.


Daily Deal Marketplace with Product Selling Features

The first and foremost reason to pick Yo!Deals for the daily deal website is that it offers you two marketplaces at once. Apart from listing the deals, Yo!Deals-based daily deal websites will also allow merchants to sell their product on it, just like typical multivendor stores such as Amazon, Etsy, eBay, etc.


Since merchants are already registered with your website, offering a product selling feature makes perfect sense. But for some reason, no one came up with this feature before. Daily deal marketplace with product selling features is a win-win solution for all: merchants have more to sell on your website, customers have more to buy from your website, and, consequently, you have more instances to earn commission from.


Rich User Experience

Many potential business ideas fail just because they aren’t executed well. With Yo!Deals, you have that part covered. The development team has taken stringent measures to ensure that website based on this turnkey solution will have robust functionality and rich user experience. Customer, merchant or admin, using a Yo!Deals-based website will be a piece of cake for every kind of user.


An Offer You Can’t Miss

Yo!Deals is offered at an unbeatable price that you can’t deny and don’t want to miss. While the numbers currently running in your head would be in thousands of a few hundred, basic version of Yo!Deals is available at just $99, under a limited time offer. If you want FATbit team to get it running for you, the installation will cost you only $50 extra. The installation will take only 2 - 48 hours.


Typically, the basic version of Yo!Deals is offered at a price of $499, and the custom version at $4999. So, if you don’t want to miss this opportunity (which you shouldn’t), then I would suggest, you better hurry!


Guest post by Manish Bhalla


Manish Bhalla is the CEO & Founder of FATbit Technologies, a company that provides web solutions to businesses all over the world. Being in the industry for more than ten years, he holds massive experience in online brand building. His sheer understanding of UI design is appreciated by entrepreneurs and motivates him to deliver best web support to new businesses as well as seasoned companies.


Connect with Manish on:

FATbit Blog: http://www.fatbit.com/fab
LinkedIn: http://in.linkedin.com/in/manishbhallasic



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