What Should a Vegetarian Eat For Dinner?
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In many houses, thinking about dinner is a real headache. Finding something light and easy to prepare is already tricky. Removing animal products from the ingredient list makes it even more difficult.

That is why we have gathered a few ideas to have delicious and healthy dishes for those who follow a vegan diet. Even those who want to forget about meat for a few days can have dinner without complicating their lives much. They are so easy that you can even make it on stove for canning.

Boring, cooked salads, and veggies? None of that. In addition to many vegetable recipes full of flavor, there are dishes like vegan version omelets or meatballs. 

Vegan Diet

It is more than just a diet. It is a philosophy of life, in which foods of animal origin are not ingested. Even when the animal does not have to die to produce, they (as in the case of eggs, honey, or milk) and neither are products that come from animals such as fur, ivory, or wool. Within vegetarian diets, there are many variants.

We mean there are different types of vegetarians according to the types of food that they do allow on their menu. In this way, we differentiate: 

  • Ovo Lacto-vegetarians: They are those people who do not eat meat or fish but do eat eggs and dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.).
  • Ovo vegetarians: They do not eat any meat or fish either, but they do consume eggs, although not dairy.
  • Lacto vegetarians: In this case, no meat or fish, but they do consume dairy, although they do not taste eggs.
  • Vegans: It is the vegetarian option that banishes any food of animal origin from its intake, that is, neither meat, nor fish, nor dairy, nor eggs. 

Food for a Healthy Dinner

There are many ways to eat vegan, but vegetarians try to eat as healthy a diet as possible. We include healthy carbohydrates in all meals such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, oatmeal, pasta, and other cereals. And we also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.

We also consume vegetable protein sources such as legumes, soy derivatives such as tofu or tempeh, and healthy fats in moderation. For example, unrefined oils, nuts, seeds, avocado, or coconut. 

We avoid refined products as much as possible in our day today. But we are not super strict when we leave home or travel. We indulge ourselves by trying vegan dishes higher in fat and made with refined products, but they are not the basis of our diet. 

Everyone can follow a vegetarian diet, even if you are an athlete. But it is important to get it right.

What Should a Vegetarian Eat For Dinner: Light Dinner Recipes?

Today we want to show you some quick and light tasty easy recipes, but with the essential nutrients. So, your dinner remains healthy, as well as tasty.

  • Zucchini Spaghetti with Avocado Sauce

You need a spiral cutter, a julienne peeler, or a simple grater to make the spaghetti. Next, mix a small glass of water with two tablespoons of lemon juice, an avocado, some pine nuts, and some basil leaves. Beat everything with the mixer to make a paste. Put the pasta in a bowl, add the sauce, and finally, a few cherry tomatoes, cut in half. Easy and delicious. Finish with soy yogurt. 

  • Vegan Miso Soup

Cook some noodles in boiling water. Mix 3 tablespoons of miso with 1 liter of boiling water until dissolved. Cook the Wakame seaweed for about five minutes. Mix the seaweed with the water with miso, 100 grams of tofu in pieces, and half a chive. Add the noodles at the last minute. For dessert, a slice of pineapple.

  • Vegan Greek Salad

Chop ½ red onion, a cucumber, four tomatoes, and a few black olives. Add a few cubes of vegan Feta cheese (made with tofu marinated with oregano, lemon, and vinegar). Make a dressing with olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon, and oregano. Serve cold. You can complete the dinner with a fruit salad.

  • Vegetarian Pizza

On the pizza dough, spread an olivada that you have prepared by crushing some black olives with olive oil. On it, place some sliced tomatoes, garlic powder, and a few heads of green asparagus. Bake at 180 degrees for 20-25 minutes. This pizza is very intense in flavor. If you prefer something softer, spread fried tomato on the dough; place sliced zucchini, green pepper, and onion. Sprinkle oregano and bake. 

  • Yogurt with Fruits and Cereals

Beat a vegetable yogurt (soy or almond milk, for example) and place a base in the glass's bottom. Top with a layer of banana slices. Another layer of yogurt. Another one with chopped strawberries, another with yogurt, and finally two tablespoons of muesli. Reserve in the refrigerator so that it is very cold. This dessert also serves as breakfast.

  • Quinoa Salad with Grapefruit

We do not forget the salads, of course. But to vary a bit from the lettuce with tomato, we are going to prepare this so colorful one with quinoa and grapefruit. A different flavor to start a very healthy dinner well.

  • Lentil and Mushroom Meatballs

The same thing happens with meatloaf as with hamburgers. It is always a good idea to prepare them at home. These lentils with spicy carrot sauce are out of the ordinary and are going to surprise you with their flavor.

10 Essential Ingredients to Make Vegan Dishes, Fast and Delicious

One of the complaints that we hear the most from those who are starting vegan eating is the time they have to invest in making food. The amount of ingredients that must be in the pantry confuses them. There are times when life runs too fast, and maybe the most tempting thing for many is to make a quick sandwich. 

So today, we want to give you the list of the 10 essential ingredients that you should have in your pantry to make a quick dinner.

  • Cooked Legume Jars
  • Buckwheat in grain, quinoa or bulgur
  • Leaves in a fresh salad
  • Tahini
  • Broccoli
  • Buckwheat Flour
  • Medjool dates
  • Miso
  • Gluten-free whole wheat pasta
  • Fruits and vegetables


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