What to Consider Before Redecorating Your Outdoor Space
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Yes, summer is here! Sunny days, open blue sky, birds’ song – it’s almost impossible to resist the lure of nature. And why should we? Since nature represents an excellent cure for fear, stress, and anger, we all tend to take the advantage of the warm weather by spending time outside as much as possible. Which is exactly why so many people approach their outdoor decorating with the same passion as their indoors. Whatever kind of outdoor space you have, it’s possible to transform it into a little summer paradise. However, there are certain things you should consider before you even start redecorating outdoors.


Consider possible flooring solutions

For some reason, people often neglect the importance of flooring when designing their outdoor getaway. When it comes to the flooring solutions, your decision doesn’t depend only on its look, but also maintenance, durability and weather resistance.


As wood never goes out of style, let’s take traditional wood decking as an example. Apart from its various designs, the benefits of this flooring solution include the fact that it retains heat less than plastic and composite, which means that walking on the wooden flooring won’t be much harmful when the sun strikes. But, traditional wood decking is rather pricey and hard to maintain.


On the other hand, there are porcelain exterior tiles that you can find in countless designs, styles, and patterns. While they’re so easy to maintain, they’re not very resistant to harsh weather conditions. And the list of possible flooring solutions goes on and on (stone, concrete, brick flooring, artificial grass, etc.), but the point is that each one of them has its pros and cons. So, make sure you get well informed first and then opt for the one that meets your requirements.



Consider creating the shaded area

Understandably, you have to provide your outdoor area with a proper sun protection so that you can enjoy your heaven all day long. Depending on the location of your outdoor seating area, you can choose between plenty of shade solutions. Even though the natural shade could be the most relaxing one, not everyone has a large tree in their backyard. An umbrella is great for the leisure by the pool, but not large enough for your outdoor seating area. Therefore, if you want to cover your patio, you should consider getting the canopy, pergola or awning. While canopy can be an excellent choice for your relaxing zone, a pergola supported with wisteria vine can be great for eating area. However, if you want to follow the Skin Cancer Foundation’s recommendation on this matter, then you should opt for an awning. As it can block almost 100% of dangerous sun rays, it’s no wonder why retractable Sydney awnings are gaining in popularity in Australia where the UV radiation is truly high. Retractable awnings provide Aussie's shelter during extremely hot summer days, but also give them the opportunity to enjoy their mild winters in the sun.



Consider creating the zones

In case you have an opportunity to brag about how large outdoor space you have, the interior designer suggests you to consider dividing it into the zones. Each zone is supposed to be intended for a different function – eating, relaxing, and entertaining. When it comes to the eating area, the things are pretty clear. All you need is a big enough dining table and several chairs or benches. On the other hand, the relaxing zone is something you can get really creative with. Create your personal nook by suspending a hammock, a nest chair or comfy daybed, and perk up space with a couple of hanging lanterns so that you can enjoy your reading. In order to create an entertaining zone, consider including the bar, the grill station, and weaker seating furniture, and host the weekend gatherings with friends and family. If you're not so lucky to have a patio of a size suitable for creating the zones, think about what you're going to use it for most and then style it according to its purpose.


Consider styling the outdoors with the appropriate furniture

Yes, the choice of furniture depends on the purpose of your patio, but also on its size and your personal preferences. Whether your garden furniture consists of a coffee table and three bistro chairs or large wooden table and benches, there are several things to consider regarding the decor.


First of all, don’t be afraid to mix and match different pieces of furniture, different materials, and different colors. For instance, imagine your entertaining zone including aluminum table and bench complemented with boxwood planters filled with magnolia. Or, furniture your dining outdoor area with wooden dining table and iron and wicker chairs.


Second of all, consider bringing indoors outdoors. Since your outdoors should resemble your personal style, coziness, and comfort as much as the indoors, think about a sofa, armchair, and even rug, and personalize the space with patterned cushions, blankets, lanterns, framed photos, and greenery.


When redecorating the outdoors, people usually pay attention to the style more than to the practicality. So, before you make any decision about your outdoors’ decor, make sure you get well informed about all your options.

Guest post by Audrey Taylor



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