What You Need to Know Before You Approach Any Bicycle Store
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There are various types of bicycles, like mountain bikes, folded bikes, hybrid bikes, commuting bikes, touring bikes, basic bike, lifestyle bike and so on. Does it make you totally confused? Well, this is the problem that most of the consumers and the bicycle shop owners face. Such a great variety of bicycle types leaves many customers bewildered. When you have no clue what bicycle to choose, you might end up buying the wrong one at an extremely high price.


Are you planning to buy a new bicycle and looking for the best bicycle store and shop? Cycling can only be enjoyed when you love the bicycle you own and feel comfortable with it. Choosing the right bike and most importantly the right shop is very important.


Here are a few tips to consider before you buy a bicycle.


Know the Purpose of Riding

The very first thing which you need to figure out is where and for what purpose you are buying a bicycle. When you know your end goals, it would become quite easier to choose from the set of options at the bicycle store and shop. For example, if the purpose is trekking and adventure, then mountain or trekking bikes are the best choices. In case you want it for riding to work, trekking bikes would be a costly option.


Be Prepared with your Budget

Unless and until you set a budget, entering any bicycle store and shop will make no sense. The prices of each brand and type differ no matter if the basic functions remain the same. Such a difference is in the quality availed by them. You need to know how much money you can spend – it will make choosing the right bicycle easier. If there is an alteration in the price range of the same type, consider the durability factor.


Does the Bicycle Fit You?

The selection of bikes should be done appropriately so that you might not feel uncomfortable while riding. Too small frame size for a tall height would be not suitable. There is a specific calculator which is used to calculate the size of the frame according to the height of the person. Even the handlebars of the bicycles matter a lot. Its shape, size and position are considerable factors.


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Know about Gears, Brake Type and Suspension

Once you are done with the model at the bicycle store and shop, it’s time to know about the important functions of the bicycles. Brake system and the functions of gears should be known. Suspension here means how well the ride is on the rugged and rough surface while keeping your body suspended. One should particularly know about the type of suspension, brake systems and gears used.


Do a Test Drive

If you chose the model, go for a test drive. This would give a bit of knowledge of the later experience with this model. A few important things which you should focus on while doing the model’s test drive are the comfort, model’s carrying capacity and whether you are able to handle it at different terrains. You can even test multiple bikes to analyse the comfort level.


Your comfort level is an important factor when it comes to selecting any bicycle. Invest in such model which is durable, functioning well and easy to maintain. You should also bear in mind that too lavish or luxurious model might put a threat on your pocket as it demands frequent servicing.

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