When Is Spine Surgery Necessary?
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Over 15,000 Australians have spinal cord injuries. This is a worrisome piece of information, as neck and back pain can quite literally make your life insufferable. If you feel like your back hurts all the time and you can no longer handle it, maybe you should reach out to a doctor. 

Sometimes, surgery isn't the only solution to your health problems. Some non-surgical methods could be more effective in such cases. However, you shouldn't be the one to make that decision on your own. Instead, you should consult a professional and see how the problem will get solved effectively. 

Here is how to recognize that it's time you've considered spine surgery. 

Pain doesn’t really stop

It is said that acute back pain usually goes away after a month. If you want to speed the process and alleviate the pain, physical therapy might help. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and corticosteroid injections could also help relieve the pain. 

Epidural nerve blocks and radiofrequency ablation are also used for this purpose. Sometimes, losing weight, quitting smoking or changing your lifestyle in some other way can help too. However, if none of this helps and the pain is still present after a month, make sure to schedule an appointment at a clinic. 

Your arms and legs hurt as well

Radiculopathy is the name for radiating pain. Herniated discs and bone spurs are the usual causes of this condition. If the inner layer of the disc in a vertebra pushes out through the outer layer, herniation occurs. In this case, pain radiates to the body. 

The bone spurs occur as a result of spinal osteoarthritis. Even though radiculopathy can be treated by non-operative treatment as well, the most effective way to deal with it is surgery. Whether you need to remove the source of the pressure on the nerves or give more space to the spinal cord, a suitable surgery will fix it quickly!

You can’t handle the pain

In most cases, you can try other options before going onto the surgical table. However, in cases of emergency, surgery is usually necessary. For instance, a car accident or chronic conditions can create emergencies quickly. Cauda equina syndrome is caused in such a way. 

If you experience abrupt loss of bladder, severe lower back pain, sexual dysfunction, and severe weakness of the lower body, you might have this syndrome. In that case, you can do spine surgery in Brisbane. The sooner you get this done, it’ll be better for you as this syndrome can lead to permanent paralysis.

Conditions treated with surgery 

Not every spine-related health condition is to be treated with surgery. However, some issues are best solved with surgical help. For instance, the already mentioned herniated disc can cause a lot of pain which can be dealt with during surgery. 

Degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spinal infections, and lumbar spinal stenosis are also conditions that usually require surgery. Even some vertebral fractures can call for a procedure. 

Types of back surgery 

There are different types of back surgery. Depending on your issue and the type of pain you experience, your doctor will recommend a suitable procedure. For example, discectomy is performed in cases of herniation. 

Laminectomy enlarges the spinal canal and relieves the nerve pressure. Fusion will connect bones in your spine to add stability and relieve pain. Finally, artificial disks are implanted instead of spinal fusion to relieve pain between two vertebrae. 

Non-surgical alternatives 

Of course, not every type of back pain will call for surgery. Sometimes, this pain can be treated in other ways. For instance, simply resting the painful area can make you feel better. Steroid injections or narcotics can also relieve some symptoms. 

Physical therapy and massage are rather helpful when it comes to back and neck pain. You can quickly improve flexibility and strength, increase blood flow, correct posture, and improve your attitude. Acupuncture is great for targeting specific areas and getting rid of the pain!


Back pain can seriously reduce the quality of your life. Not only that, it can lead to even more severe health conditions. To prevent this, make sure to treat the issues as soon as they arise. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure to schedule an appointment at the local clinic and talk to a professional.

Written by Patrick Adams


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