Why Are Vitamins So Important? [Infographic]
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When it comes to vitamins, many people are aware of the fact that we need them to remain healthy, but not many people seem to know why. While they don’t give us energy like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats do, they actually help the body to grow and function at its best. If we go without them for too long, we will certainly start to notice the negative effects.


In all, there are 13 essential vitamins, and with that many to keep track of, it can seem like a big ask to try and maintain high levels of them all. These vitamins, when you have the right amount, can have the benefits of boosting overall immunity, strengthening bones, healing wounds, improving eyesight, and assisting in getting energy from the food that we eat, and that’s just the main ones.


All kinds of foods and drinks have vitamins in them, the trick is just in knowing which foods to eat in order to get your daily supply. For example, you might not know this but coffee actually contains lots of essential nutrients, like Vitamin B2, B5 as well as B3 - as long as you’re getting fresh, quality coffee from somewhere like Bean Box and not drinking instant, that is.


Each of the vitamins has its own specific function in the body, yet they also all work together to help the body be at the peak of health. Inadequate vitamin intake can actually cause a risk to health, leaving us more vulnerable to things such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and even cancer.


It is for this reason that many people worry they are not getting enough vitamins naturally through diet. Although vitamins can be found in a lot of different foods, it can be difficult for some people to maintain the healthy lifestyle that is necessary to obtain the adequate amounts of each vitamin.


In order to combat this problem, a huge number of people opt to use healthy food services like Blue Apron or use a type of vitamin supplement. There are many brands that offer these supplements, so be sure to do some research into which brands are the most trustworthy and effective.


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