Best Fat-Fighting Superfoods for Weight Loss
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Are you currently on a diet, trying to lose weight? Millions of women all over the world are struggling to get their dream bodies and ideal weight; they spend hours sweating in gyms, change their diets and habits, and try out different approaches.


The sad reality is that losing weight is a long process that requires a lot of work, determination, and dedication, and the results aren’t always what we expect. If you’re tired of being hungry all the time and not seeing any changes, we give you a list of fat-fighting foods which will keep you full and help you lose weight.



Honey is the best possible substitute for white sugar you can choose. Add it to your coffee, tea, and cookies, dip fresh fruit in it and spread it onto bread when you need a snack. Not only is honey a great substitute for sugar, but it’s famous for its cleansing and healing properties, and it’s also a well-known antiseptic and antioxidant. When you have a sore throat take a tablespoon of honey, and when buying it try to find raw, organic product, as it’s of better quality.


Whole grains

Whole grains are wonderful for several reasons: they are rich in vitamin B and E as well as magnesium, but they are also great for your metabolism. Being rich in iron and fiber, whole grain will keep you full longer, and they will boost your metabolism. The best whole grains on the market are brown and wild rice, whole wheat, oats, and rye, barley, oatmeal, and popcorn. So next time you want a snack when you’re watching a movie or your favorite show, feel free to reach for popcorn, but make sure you skip the butter and cheese flavored ones.


Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate has been considered a great cheat treat for a long time, because it allows you to indulge without making you feel guilty afterwards. Eating chocolate reduces the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body, and because dark chocolate contains caffeine, it’s also great for your metabolism. If you eat a moderate amount of dark chocolate, you are less likely to suffer from heart disease, and because it’s highly nutritious, you will feel full longer. The trick is to look for chocolate that has high percentage of cocoa, the higher the better, and nibble it in the morning or when you have cravings.



Green vegetables are well-known to be full of antioxidants, but, in addition to that, broccoli is low in fat. What is more, it contains vitamins A and E, as well as iron and magnesium. Rich in vitamins and nutrients, high in protein, and low in fat, this green super-vegetable can boost your metabolism as well as your immune system. They are really neutral and can be combined with lean meats as a side dish, or boiled, blended and eaten as soup.


The battle continues

As difficult as it is to lose weight, getting that dream body is not easy and requires more work. To be really satisfied not only with the numbers on the scale, but the image you see in the mirror too, you should start working out to strengthen your muscles and tone your body. If you notice that you have excess skin that won’t be going away, you should consult a professional.


Cosmetic surgery Sydney based surgeons might be able to remove the excess skin and help you look your best. Even after you reach your goal weight, your diet should stay full of fruit, vegetables, and superfoods, as it will help you keep your healthy habits and your desired weight.


An important part of every weight loss journey is mental health, as it is virtually impossible to reach your goals if you’re feeling depressed, tired, and lost all the time, and that is exactly how you will feel unless you take good care of yourself. Focusing on your goal is important, but enjoying your journey is equally so, and this is why you should find joy in exploring the new diet and trying different and exotic foods.

Guest post by Helen Bradford



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Helen Bradford is a journalist and health enthusiast who constantly seeks new ideas to write about. She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.



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