Why Install a Water Feature?
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Nowadays, mansions aren't the only properties that can have a luxurious water feature. You can too, and you don't even need to have a large garden to have one.

Installing a water feature has several advantages, foremost of which is that it can make your home look happier and more livable. The sound and the sight of trickling water extend nature into your homes, promoting positivity and balance.


Tips for Installing

Before installing a water feature in your gardens, there are some factors that you have to consider:

The proper filter system

Any water feature needs an efficient filter system. This will avoid the nasty clogs that can lead to an unpleasant smell. It also keeps the water clean. And, if you intend to have fish in your pond, a water filter system is a must. It's better to invest in installing one than be hassled with dealing with a clogged fountain.

Shape, size, and depth

To get a water feature that works perfectly with the correct balance, you need the exact dimensions of the pond. While a three-layered fountain looks so posh, it might not work for a small pond area.

Accessories needed

Other than the filter, there are also other accessories that you need to keep your water feature running seamlessly. Consider as well as installing submersible pumps, drains, inlets, and even underwater lights. Visit Aquapro for more pond pump water features.


Here are the benefits of installing a water feature.

Wellness and rejuvenation

In feng shui, running water brings luck and is said to attract money. Other than that, having a water feature has several wellness benefits.

The sound of trickling water is calming and relaxing. Listening to it is akin to getting a spa treatment. In ancient times, water was perceived to have healing powers. It's a great source of white noise that can rejuvenate your soul and calm your senses.

Of course, hydrotherapy can do wonders for your health. Lounging by the stream, lake, sea, or even a pond with trickling water may help you manage your stress.

Water naturally attracts wildlife. So, think of birds and butterflies visiting your pond. The fauna will make your garden so much alive and in tune with nature. The sight of flowing water, lush green, and the company of the birds and the bees can rejuvenate your tired mind. This soothing environment can help manage your blood pressure level.


Physical benefits

A water feature can benefit your homes in general.

Increase your property's value

A lovely outdoor landscape can make your home more appealing, thereby increasing its resale value. It just adds a certain charm to any home that a lot of buyers just can't resist.

Cools the temperature

A water feature comes in handy during the summer! It makes your garden a more therapeutic area where you can unwind and de-stress.

Transforms your garden into a lovely focal point

When you have extra space in your garden for a pond with a water feature, you don't have any excuses to not have one! It can convert your garden into a lovely reception area. Plus, it can also be an extension of your living space. Just add a few chair lounges, rustic furniture, and you can already entertain guests. It also gives you the liberty to style your garden according to your preference.

A more appealing home and garden

Adding this exterior design can make your house look more charming. It can also make it more of a home for everyone. Your guests will definitely want to lounge by your porch more often than the living room.


Final thoughts

A water feature can indeed make your homes more livable. The fresh air, the soothing sound of running water, and the picturesque sight - what's not to love?

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