Wood as a Go-To Building Material for Homes
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Wood can be used to build virtually anything. Even cars were constructed of wood before steel. The good news is that innovative wood technology is making this natural resource an even better building material. Not only that, but technology is also making wood more sustainable and eco-friendly too.


Below, we’ll go over five ways the latest technology is making wood the go-to building material for homes.


Increasing Durability

Wood is incredibly strong. If you’ve ever tried to break a tree branch over your knee, you already know this. The strength of timber is one of the reasons why so many builders choose it over other materials when building a house. But, what if we told you wood is getting stronger, which means more durable.


The longer wood lasts in a home, the lower homeowner’s maintenance and replacement costs will be. Like most natural resources, wood is a subject to deterioration. But, when covered with innovative hydrophobic coatings, wood will naturally repel water, which can decrease the chances of structural issues in the future.


Wood with hydrophobic coatings will repel water. Instead of letting moisture soak in, water will bead up on hydrophobic wood, which can make it self-cleaning as well. This type of wood is most popular in kitchen and bathroom builds. It can be used as wood coverings, to create furniture, and even as countertops. Another great use for hydrophobic wood is rooftop decks and terraces.


The outdoor wood flooring of a rooftop deck will add character to a building and decrease the risk of water leaking into the structure below. Roofs of buildings and homes are often underutilized. By adding the right materials, you can add living space to your home as well.



Choose Sustainable Siding

Due to changes in technology, exterior wood siding is more sustainable than ever. When building a home, your goal should be for it to still be there in 100 years, which will decrease building waste and homeowner energy costs. Low-maintenance siding such as Kebony shiplap, cedar shake, and brick will ensure a long life for a building.


Interior Wall Treatments

Wood has been used on the exterior of homes for generations. Recently, the interior wood design has grown in popularity. One new technology that is adding character and charm to dwellings is Yakisugi, which is a Japanese wood burning technique.


Yakisugi wood art is created by passing lumber through a Weining planer under a plan. As a result, the wood gets a charcoal barrier, which is rot and fire-resistant so that it can be used on the interior or exterior of a home.


Design with Wood Cladding

Wood cladding allows homeowners to add a unique look to their home. Clad is a sustainable wood and is easy to use in many different ways, especially when it comes to adding personality and dimension to a structure. The design, which relies on the use of open spaces is also a low maintenance and won’t require much upkeep.



Wood Veneer Bathtubs

Most bathtubs are created of acrylic, porcelain, or plastic materials. But, with new wood home technologies, it’s now possible to have a wood veneer bathtub too. Wood veneer bathtubs are created after careful selection of natural wooden resources. Under high-pressure, the wood is compressed and made to be watertight. Gorgeous wooden tubs can be built with wenge, walnut, mahogany, and oak.


New ways to use wood in home design promotes sustainability because the resource is naturally reproducible and lasts a very long time. The more sustainable building materials there are in a home, the more a family can decrease its carbon footprint and have a positive impact on the world. Keep in mind that naturally sustainable wood can be used in combination with other natural resources to create aesthetically pleasing designs too. Not only sustainable materials are eco-friendly, but they increase the beauty of a home with natural wood grain.

Guest post by Matt Lee



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