Zurich-based Platform Carbon Delta Analyzes Climate Change Resilience of Public Companies

Carbon Delta, a boutique equity research agency based in Zurich, created a comprehensive platform for investors looking for the data related to climate change and insights on how climate change will affect their assets.


Oliver Marchand, founder and CEO of the company, said,”I started Carbon Delta in June 2015 when I realized that the economic effects of climate change have started to really affect financial markets.”


Photo: Oliver Marchand

Photo credit: Carbon Delta


In co-operation with Independent Credit View, Carbon Delta has developed a proprietary evaluation system that helps investment professionals to estimate and reduce carbon risks in their portfolios.


In the core of Carbon Delta’s research is its focus on economic effects of climate change on the underlying business model of the company, whereas other players in the market sell a “good vs. bad” analysis.


Carbon Delta’s platform integrates a large set of over 20 different data sources. When doing a research on each company, Carbon Delta models the whole value chain – from supply to production to distribution – and all key relevant factors (regulations, technology, extreme weather, climate trends, greenhouse gas budget) that impact the portfolio.


Carbon Delta’s goal is “to become the best commercially available data source for managing climate risk from the perspective of an investor.”


Visit Carbon Delta website for more details.


by Natalie Myhalnytska


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