16 Ways to Lower Your Home’s Carbon Footprint [Infographic]
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energy efficiency at home


More people than ever before are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. We’re ditching single-use plastic, investing in renewables, eating locally and looking for ways to operate our homes more effectively.


We can decrease our carbon output by optimizing our homes for energy efficiency. Even if you don't have the capacity to operate your home of a renewable energy source such as solar or wind power, you can decrease your fossil fuel usage and therefore your greenhouse gas emissions by making both large and small strategic changes.


Energy savings also implies cash savings. The price tag on large upgrade items like HVAC systems and cool roofs can be intimidating, but consider that over time these investments pay for themselves, save you money and can improve your home’s resale value. They often also have tax advantages. If you can’t afford big-ticket products, start with minor modifications such as switching to LED lightbulbs and using a pressure cooker.


Need some inspiration? The team at the Zebra has put together this list of 16 ways to lower your home’s carbon footprint with ideas for homeowners and renters alike.


Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

1. Use a smart plug

2. Buy a pressure cooker

3. Install solar-powered lights outdoors

4. Buy an energy-saving hairdryer

5. Seal air leaks

6. Use a low-flow showerhead

7. Install ceiling fans

8. Install energy-efficient windows

9. Upgrade your kitchen appliances

10. Add a layer of insulation in the attic

11. Install an energy-efficient door

12. Upgrade to a tankless water heater

13. Buy a water filtration system

14. Install a whole-house fan

15. Invest in geothermal heating and cooling

16. Install a cool roof


energy efficiency at home



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