5 Guidelines for Good Dental Health
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Many people associate dental health with a pretty smile; however, there is more to obtaining good oral health than simply straight teeth. Some people may even throw up their hands and say that genetics doomed them to poor oral health. Fortunately, there are many things within your control to obtain good dental health. Here are five guidelines that will help you with your dental health.

1. Brush Twice a Day

Most people know that it’s essential to brush their teeth morning and night. However, good brushing habits go beyond this basic step. First, start with a soft bristle toothbrush. Next, buy toothpaste that includes fluoride. Third, using small, circular motions, angle the toothbrush towards your gums and brush all areas of your teeth. Be sure to get the front, back and sides of all teeth. And if you need a recommendation for a dentist, consider family dentistry queen creek

2. Floss Every Day

Flossing is also an important part of your dental health. Floss every day in order to clean the spaces between your teeth. Be gentle when flossing in order to prevent damage to your gums. It’s best to slide the floss between your teeth and then angle the floss toward each tooth making a “C” shape.

3. Visit the Dentist

Even if you’re amazing at brushing and flossing, the American Dental Association suggests visiting the dentist regularly for cleanings. This may be once, twice or even more times each year. Visiting the dentist enables the doctor to spot any problems and prevent major medical issues.

4. Visit an Orthodontist

In addition to seeing a dentist, it’s important to make an appointment with an orthodontist. An orthodontist specializes in preventing and treating dental irregularities and commonly includes treatments with expanders, retainers and braces. An orthodontist improves oral health and enables people to achieve perfect Queen Creek smiles.

5. Clean Your Equipment

Even if you’re brushing, flossing and visiting your doctors, there is one more step to good dental health. Be sure to keep your toothbrush and other dental equipment, such as retainers, in good condition. Thoroughly clean your toothbrush after each use and allow it to air-dry in an upright position. Replace your toothbrush every three months, or sooner if the bristles are worn down. You may want to consider an electric toothbrush since they can remove more plaque and help guard against gingivitis.

Don’t blame genetics or anything else for poor dental health. Obtaining a beautiful smile and good dental health is within your control by following these five guidelines.


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