5 Sustainable Practices Every Cannabis Retailer Must Adopt

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Businesses across all domains are going green, and cannabis is not an exception. Retailers are conscious of the environmental impact of their business. At the same time, customers are selective about buying from sustainable sellers. If you want to grow and thrive in the competitive landscape, a sustainable mindset can help to achieve your goals. But going green in this industry takes more work than saving electricity and recycling. You must know the right measures and implement them to build an eco-conscious business. Here are some sustainable practices every cannabis retailer must adopt.

Start with responsible sourcing

Your environmental footprint depends on product sourcing. Buying your products from an eco-conscious seller takes you a step closer to sustainability goals. Double-check your growers and processing partners to ensure they follow eco-friendly practices. These include optimal resource usage, composting, and organic growing. You can go the extra mile with local sourcing as it cuts down carbon emissions and supports community businesses. Switch your partners if they do not align with your mission and vision.

Minimize packaging

Packaging is another crucial thing to bear in mind while sourcing your products. Regulations require growers and processors to use child-resistant packaging for cannabis products. While you must ensure that your suppliers follow the child-resistant norms, steer clear of ones that use plastic for packaging. Opt for paper, glass, and cardboard as they are recyclable and compostable. It seems like a small measure but goes a long way with resource conservation. 

Implement stringent inventory control

Surprisingly, implementing stringent inventory control can also help you achieve sustainability. It enables you to manage stock levels so that you do not fall short or overstock. Short supplies mean returning customers, and overstocking can result in expiry and wastage. Automating inventory management with a software solution like parsl is a good option. It enables you to track products, ensure cross-organizational visibility, and enhance workforce efficiency. So you end up saving time and resources in the long run.

Invest in eco-conscious dispensary design

The physical design of your dispensary can reduce the overall carbon footprint and maximize sustainability outcomes. Having a smaller operational footprint gives you a good start. You can consider operating on an e-commerce model to reduce the facility size and warehousing requirements. Using LED light fixtures in-store reduces energy consumption. Likewise, you can invest in a high-end ventilation system and install smart thermostats to optimize HVAC usage.

Take a comprehensive approach to recycling

Recycling is the magic word when it comes to building a sustainable business. You can start small by installing recycling containers around the dispensary. Encourage customers and employees to use them. You can even offer a discount to the customers who bring packaging for reuse. Such programs promote eco-consciousness at the community level and enhance your reputation as a retailer. 

Adopting sustainable practices as a cannabis retailer takes you a step closer to success. It sets your brand apart in the competitive landscape as modern customers want to stick with eco-conscious sellers. The sooner you pick these practices, the better it is.


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