7 Amazing Anti-Aging Benefits of CBD Oil
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anti-aging benefits of cannabis


CBD is gaining recognition for both medical and recreational purposes. Nowadays, the use of CBD has extended beyond its therapeutic significance. The beauty industry is using CBD to create high-end topical creams to promote youthful and healthy skin. The anti-aging properties of CBD help prevent your skin from aging. Companies are using this magical ingredient to create unique formulas to use in their CBD infused beauty products like creams, serums, and supplements.


Below are the seven amazing anti-aging benefits of CBD.


Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is an essential part of the body’s healing process. But chronic inflammation leads to tissue degeneration and accelerates the natural process of skin aging. Inflammation causes redness and dryness on the skin. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting these inflammatory infections. Applying CBD oil helps calm and normalize the skin. It also helps in treating autoimmune diseases and complications like hepatitis, transplant rejections, and allergies. Using CBD infused products acts as a pacemaker for the immune response to these conditions. The use of CBD reduces inflammatory pain by activating glycine receptors. CBD also has a soothing mechanism, which makes it work for people with sensitive skin too.


Improves moisture retention

Lack of water in the body causes dehydration. Dehydration weakens the skin, causes skin sensitivity and early aging. You get a glowing and flawless skin if you have enough moisture in your skin. Moisture maintains skin elasticity, prevents the occurrence of patchy skin, and reduces water loss from the epidermal layers.


CBD contains a moisturizing compound called gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and Omega-9, which helps in keeping the skin moisturized and healthy. The CBD anti-aging creams, when mixed with other compounds like retinol and collagen, forms a potent formula. It boosts the skin’s elasticity and makes it firm. There are different strains of CBD available which are found in CBD facial creams that help in achieving a rejuvenating skin texture. The best part of using these products is their easy availability.


Antioxidant properties

Overexposure of skin to the sun, pollution, junk food, alcohol, and smoking causes the release of free radicals. When these free radicals exceed the body’s capacity to detoxify and combine with oxygen, it causes oxidative stress. Studies prove that CBD has antioxidant properties that fight the effects of free radicals. It plays a significant role in reducing the symptoms of aging. CBD also increases the production of collagen, which helps in making the connective tissue stronger and muscle firmer. You can either apply it or consume it to get its benefits on your skin.


Relieves Stress

Stress is one of the significant factors that contribute to premature aging of the skin. According to a study, researchers suggest that there is a direct relation between aging and stress. Stress and anxiety can speed up the cellular aging process. Typical stressors like financial problems, cognitive impairment, psychological stress, personal losses of people, independence, and chronic illness contribute towards premature aging. CBD helps in reducing anxiety and stress, leaving your skin fresh and healthy. Physicians often suggest CBD products to depressed individuals to help them calm down. A daily dose of CBD products like CBD mints is beneficial in promoting physical and mental health.


Improves Blood Circulation

Exercise is essential for a healthy body and mind. It improves blood circulation in the body, which promotes cardiovascular benefits. Healthy blood circulation also helps in achieving bright and vibrant skin. Blood flow carries oxygen to the skin cells and carries away the toxins from the working cells. Poor blood circulation is one of the crucial reasons for the fast aging of the skin. It leads to skin discoloration, unhealthy skin cells, and slow cell regeneration. CBD helps in improving the health of skin cells and reduces discoloration by enhancing blood circulation.


According to a study conducted at the British Journal of Pharmacology, CBD relaxes and widens the blood vessels, which helps in an increased flow of blood. This allows you to exercise for a longer duration without fatigue. Ask your physician to know how CBD can help post-workout routine. Therefore, exercise regularly for better blood circulation to get glowing skin and delayed aging.


Promotes sleep

A miserable night’s sleep or lack of sleep causes many skin problems. Research shows that it can lead to the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, swollen eyes, and paler skin, all in all, makes you look older. A night of good sleep is beneficial for your overall physical and mental health. Physicians suggest a minimum of 7 to 8 hrs of sleep for good healthy skin. Lack of sleep increases cortisol levels in the body, which is not suitable for the skin. CBD helps in solving sleep-related issues faced by people.


According to a study published in 2019, CBD is useful in improving sleep and reducing anxiety. You can take CBD in your system through vape concentrates, edibles, oils, and tinctures. You can also take CBD pills for sleep, along with your meal, without getting you high and with minimal side-effects.


CBD Regulates Sebum Production

Excessive oil secretion on the skin can clog the pores and cause acne. Living in humid environments can accelerate this problem. The sebaceous gland in the skin secretes the sebum or oily substance. Studies have shown that CBD helps in controlling the production of sebum by the suppression of sebocyte proliferation. It also showed that the cannabinoids in CBD activate the cell membrane receptor and successfully interrupts the pro-lipogenic path. CBD oil, when applied to the skin, affects the functioning of lipids and glucose due to the depletion of protein in the central receptor. Therefore, using CBD will keep your skin free of acne, scars, and keep it youthful.



The above seven points help in fighting premature aging signs. Everyone desires to have youthful skin for as long as possible. Though aging is inevitable, by leading a healthy lifestyle, you can slow down the process. The most beneficial way of slowing down the signs of aging is to avoid the things that trigger it. Therefore, protect your body from the harmful effects of the sun, get enough sleep, antioxidants, manage stress levels, and ease inflammation.


CBD induced products are coming in various forms. Talk to your dermatologist about your skin problem first to know about the underlying cause. Then accordingly, choose the right CBD product to treat it.



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