7 Ingenious Hemp Oil Benefits for Mind and Body
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Ever wondered the reason behind the immense popularity of hemp oil? It is the benefits and versatility of this magical oil that are making it a household name. If it hasn’t already made a secure place in your humble abode, now is the time to dive into the hemp wave and make the most of it. Here are a few ingenious ways you can put hemp oil to use.


Boosts your metabolism

Whether you have liver troubles or planning to go on a regular detox, hemp oil can be your best ally. Having high content of EFA, it can promote healthy liver function, which also makes it ideal for detoxing your body. Hemp oil users call it ‘superfood’, because once it goes in your gut, it reduces the bad bacteria and promotes a faster metabolism.

How to use it: To fasten up your metabolism, you can take hemp oil sublingually, in the form of tinctures. Put 2-3 drops of the oil under your tongue and let it stay for 2 minutes and then you can swallow it.


Gives you soft tresses

Are hair problems driving you crazy? Well, you are not alone. Environmental factors, pollution, and usage of harsh chemicals can make your hair look lifeless. While we can’t promise to make you fall in love with them, with hemp oil, you can at least start liking them. As per a research paper which was written by Maria Dias, hemp oil is rich in good fats, namely Omega-3 and Omega-6, and can do wonders for your tresses. Your hair needs proteins, and the combination of vitamins and fatty acids of hemp oil can be a good way to condition them.

How to use it: If you have dry and dull hair, adding hemp oil or shampoo to your hair care routine can be the best thing for you. Apart from using it externally, you can even ingest it for healthier hair.


Strengthens your nails

Nail care and nail art are trending in today’s fashion and beauty world. Are you unable to catch up on it due to brittle and weak nails? Hemp oil can solve your problems in the most natural way. Applying hemp oil to the nails and cuticles can enrich them with the required GLA Omega-6, giving you healthy nails. If you are planning for a day of self-care, hemp oil foot bath can give you not just healthy nails but also happy feet. Check out High Supplies to get your dose of premium marijuana products and pamper your nails like never before.

How to use it: Take a few drops of hemp oil and rub it gently into your cuticles and nails. For a foot bath, you can add a few drops of the oil in lukewarm water and dip your feet in it.


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Takes care of your skin

Hemp oil, like every other natural oil, can nourish your skin inside out. With nutrients like Gamma-linolenic acid and vitamins present in the oil, it can restore even aging skin back to its youthful glory. It contains a high level of Vitamin C, which gives strength to the skin cells and also makes your skin look smooth and supple. And if that isn’t enough, you can even use hemp oil as an organic makeup remover. Take a little hemp oil on a cotton swab and wipe the makeup from your face.

How to use it: For glowing skin, you can apply a few drops of hemp oil on cleansed skin, be it your face or rest of the body.


Keeps you smelling good all-day

Hemp oil has a very refreshing and pleasant smell, which is enough to calm your mind. The aroma is so earthy and nutty that it can take away your worries and refresh you after a tiring day. The aroma of the oil sure adds up when you combine it with similar natural ingredients like essential oils.

How to use it: You can use it to make your home smell fresh or put it on yourself and spread the refreshing aroma around you all day long.


Keeps your cholesterol in check

Is high cholesterol level stopping you from living your best life? Try hemp oil to get control over it. Hemp oil has the right balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that is an effective way to treat cardiovascular problems. Hemp oil has sitosterols present in them, which can bring down the levels of cholesterol. Research conducted at the University of Manitoba, Canada discusses the benefits of hemp seed oil on cardiovascular ailments. It also contains arginine, which generates nitrogen oxide to dilate the blood vessels and lower your blood pressure. So, you can sure keep heart attack and blood pressure issues at bay with regular use of hemp oil.

How to use it: While taking hemp oil in the form of tinctures is an easy option, you can even add it to your food dishes like salad to get control of your cholesterol.


Calms inflammation

According to research conducted at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, full-spectrum hemp oil containing CBD can cure inflammations. With topical application, you can get relief from a skin infection, irritation, and even redness. If you have dry and irritated scalp, hemp oil can effectively alleviate it.

How to use it: You can order the best quality hemp oil from online dispensary Canada, and gently massage a few drops of it onto the affected area. For scalp, you can use it just like any other oil.


With the emergence of new studies proving the benefits of hemp oil, more and more people are making the switch to it from traditional, chemical-laden healthcare options. So what are you waiting for? Get your hemp oil today and make the best use of its amazing benefits.

Written by Jessica Smith


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Jessica is an avid reader who enjoys getting lost in the world of books. Holding on to her passion for fitness, she believes that healthy diet is a key to healthy living.


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