7 Chic Design Trends to Create More Productive Work Environment
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There are 24 hours in a day, and we spend around 8 of that (on average) at our workplace. This is the reason why it’s important that we feel good there because we’ll be able to be more productive.


Workspaces aren’t only supposed to be well-equipped, but they should also be chic and trendy, and we should be able to feel good while spending your time there.


We’ve prepared a list of seven chic trends in the workspace that no one can ignore.


Fresh plants

Years ago, offices were small cubicles where people would surround themselves with papers, folders, and post-it notes. Today, it looks like the outdoors is stepping inside and transforming boring old offices into stylish and chic ones. Indoor plants are very popular because they make any room more inviting and cheerful. Natural materials such as stone and wood together with fresh plants are lowering air pollution, improving employees’ mood and boosting productivity.



Flexible furniture

Times when work and fun were strictly separated are long gone (fortunately) so these days it’s popular to have offices that are both fun and professional. Motivation comes from an environment that isn’t stressful but rather comfortable and engaging. Wonderful design examples of SMLXL Projects office fitouts from Sydney will help you see what possibilities fun furniture offers. A break room full of bean bags, office chairs replaced with brightly coloured egg chairs, and slides next to the escalators will make employees feel free and their time in the workplace more fun.



Technology is present in everyday life and it’s important for offices to have the latest technology so that the employees can give their maximum. Great computers, next-generation monitors and cameras, apps that allow team members to communicate with each other more easily, as well as modern coffee machines in the break room are all very important for productivity. Try to keep up with technology because it’s going to make your business more successful.


Home offices

We can’t ignore the fact that more and more people choose to work from the comforts of their homes, and home office designs are similar to corporate office ones. Such offices can be set up in spare bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms, and all that’s needed is an ergonomic chair, a good computer, and Wi-Fi. Personalization of these offices is super-easy because the person is surrounded with things they already know and love.



Small meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are usually big, but one of the recent trends are small meeting rooms made for a single team. When teams have their own room, they can personalize it more easily and, as a result, they’ll feel much more comfortable there than in a huge, corporate room with blank walls and uncomfortable chairs. Of course, this doesn’t mean that every single team should have their own meeting room, but smaller spaces do make smaller teams feel more comfortable.


Inspirational visuals

Today, a lot of people have a need to feel a sense of purpose while they’re doing their jobs, and different visuals in the workspace can help remind them of it. Inspirational wall art, furniture with innovative design, delicate and discreet décor, as well as different signage can all help employees keep the company’s vision in mind while they’re working. Big tapestries and wall coverings, portraits of employees or happy clients, and inspirational quotes help everyone feel like they're a part of something larger.



Open space

We already mentioned that open spaces are more popular today than ever before, and this is because it makes everyone feel closer to each other and better connected. People communicate more easily this way, and as the view of the room is more open, there’s no feeling of claustrophobia either. Still, the needs of introverts and extroverts are different and employers should keep this in mind, which is why it’s a good idea to have a few quiet rooms next to the open offices. Rooms such as these allow people to work at their own pace and take a step back from all the activity happening at the main office.


It’s important to draw the line between the space that’s meant to be used for work and the one that’s just for fun, but the best workspaces are a combination of the two.


Take a look at the trends we’ve put together and you’ll definitely be able to find something you’ll fall in love with. Once you do, incorporate it into your workspace and see how different you’ll feel the next time you enter your office.

Guest post by Chloe Taylor



About the Author

Chloe is an interior design consultant from Adelaide and a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. She loves everything related to decor, aesthetic and lifestyle topics. She is also passionate about photography. Her biggest dream is to travel the whole world and take some stunning photographs of beautiful places. Beside all this, she enjoys drinking coffee and reading a beautiful book from time to time. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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