A Holistic Mind and Body Connection
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Mind and body connection


The interconnection of all things, including the mind, the body and the environment we live in, is one of the guiding principles of mind-body medicine. From this holistic perspective, the definition of health is not merely the absence of disease, but a state of optimal vitality and wellness. We are only truly healthy when we are able to fully process everything we take in, extracting the nourishing and eliminating the unimportant components.


On the other hand, sickness develops whenever there is a disturbance in the flow of information and energy between our mind and our body. Symptoms of illness are the body’s indicators that the toxic elements causing the obstruction need to be eliminated, and the balance restored.


In order to cultivate the stability of this important connection, we must incorporate some healthy habits into our daily lives.


Quieting the Mind with Meditation

Meditation is one of the most efficient ways to establish balance between our mind and our body. While meditating, we experience a state of restful awareness in which our body is deeply resting while our mind is fully awake. Meditation brings us peace and awareness of the present moment and gives us an experience of intense relaxation which dismisses stress and fatigue.


Our mind lets go of old negative feelings and thoughts and it learns to heal itself. But apart from our mind, meditation is quite beneficial for our body as well. Apart from being an astonishing cure for numerous mental illnesses, daily meditation has been known to help with several health issues, such as heart and neurological diseases.


Benefits of meditation


Releasing Toxicity

Many of us harbor emotional toxins in the form of daily stress and unprocessed hurt or anger, which significantly contribute to the toxicity in our bodies and need to be eliminated immediately. In order to let go of all the emotions that are holding us back, we must first identify the specific things that are no longer serving us in the present. Only then can we release the emotional pain and fill the newly created void with love and self-nurturing behaviors.


But much like the emotional aspect, we must cleanse our body of toxins as well. Daily intake of powerful CoQ10 capsules will not only have a strong antioxidant effect but also boost your energy levels. This vitamin-like supplement has numerous health benefits, including treatment of some cardiovascular and neurological diseases, which makes consuming this nutrient a great first step towards living a truly happy and healthy life.


Cultivating Loving Relationships

Having a good social support network can be quite beneficial for our physical and mental health. It has the power to shield us from feelings of loneliness, isolation and inadequacy. Friends and loved ones can also lead us to a sense of purpose and fulfillment and they can give us advice and confidence to handle everyday problems and obstacles with ease. Spending time in such a caring and supporting environment helps our physical and mental well-being thrive and lets us be the best version of ourselves.


Loving relationships


Engaging in Daily Exercise

Regular physical activity offers incredible benefits for our mind, as well as our body. Not only does it keep the body young and healthy, but it also keeps the mind vital and it promotes emotional wellbeing. Exercise can reverse the damaging effects of stress, anxiety and depression, and it also increases the brain’s ability to learn, adapt and process information quicker. It strengthens our body and develops flexibility and endurance. In order to be persistent in an exercise routine, the most important thing is to find an aerobic activity which you truly enjoy, and you will be surprised how quickly you increase your fortitude and enthusiasm to continue moving and breathing.


Importance of sleep


Taking Time for Restful Sleep

Adequate sleep is an essential part of living a healthy and energetic life. Restful sleep is often neglected or underemphasized, but the truth is that a lack of sleep can disrupt the body’s balance, weaken the immune system and contribute to significant health problems. When we’ve had a relaxing night of sound sleep, we wake up feeling more vibrant and energetic and we can approach stressful situations more calmly when we are well-rested. Once we commit to a consistent sleep ritual, we can experience healthier sleep patterns, leaving our mind and body rested, and our overall well-being significantly improved.

Guest post by Scarlet Gratton



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